Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!
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o n e

If ya’ll need a new show to watch (or even if you don’t), you must watch How To Get Away With Murder (<– I felt really awkward typing that into Google, by the way). This is the first season, so there is still time to catch up. We got caught up this week (with exception of last night) and it is SO good. Seriously, go watch it. Now.

t w o

I came across a good and thought-provoking article this week on the direction of youth sports today, which also references how college lacrosse coaches are looking for multi-sport athletes even in high school. More and more of these articles are popping up and I don’t anticipate that to slow down. It’s definitely some food for thought.

t h r e e

I attended my first Meet + Make last night with Sarah Hearts! Sally, Lindsey, and I had a great time and I’m already looking forward to the holiday workshop. We made a doormat. Cute, right?




Have a good weekend friends!

Chicago {Part II}

We left the city on Friday to head out to Oak Park for the wedding festivities. My baby brother was getting married! We started seeing family and friends as soon as we got off the train. The hotel was located just a couple blocks from downtown Oak Park so we were able to walk most of the weekend. We laid low Friday afternoon and the boys went out on Friday night for the bachelor party.


Since the kids were sharing a room, our mornings started very early while we were on vacation. Saturday was Greg’s birthday, so we walked to Starbucks for breakfast. More family and friends were getting in on Saturday and Kenley was anxiously awaiting Jack & KP’s arrival. The three of them had a ball all weekend. I was so happy to see them together, but also sad that it doesn’t happen more often.


Saturday night we headed over to Cheney Mansion for the wedding rehearsal. During the rehearsal, Kenley wore the flower girl basket around her neck and walked down the imaginary aisle (since the chairs weren’t set up yet). After her performance at the rehearsal, I really wasn’t sure what to expect the next day at the wedding. After the rehearsal we headed to Winberies for a delicious dinner!


Sunday was wedding day! After another trip to Starbucks and a couple games of euchre with the fam, the girls started getting ready around 11:00am at the hotel. We enjoyed mimosas, food, and music while we got our hair and make-up done. Kenley enjoyed the food and is still talking about the chocolate covered strawberries. She also got her hair done right before it was time to go. Meanwhile, the guys were hanging out in Michael’s room watching football and I would imagine drinking beer. After a nice relaxing morning, I was rushing out of the hotel to get over to the mansion without packing a thing for the rest of the day. I was texting poor Greg anything and everything I could think of for him to pack and bring to the mansion when he came over with the kids.



I was more relaxed once we got to the mansion and saw everything coming together and saw how beautiful it was. The girls headed upstairs to help Rachel finish getting ready before it was time for she and Michael to see each other.


We were able to see Michael walking out to their meeting spot, so I caught Rachel trying to get a glimpse of her groom. I may have shed a few tears. After Michael and Rachel had their moment together, the rest of us headed outside for pictures.

This was my first chance to see the groom too. He was so handsome.


Following pictures (and more pictures), the ceremony was set to begin! The guests started arriving and the wedding party took their place.

Kenley was the last to walk down the aisle and she did a great job. She dropped a few petals on her way down then proceeded to drop the rest of the petals where we were standing.



The ceremony was beautiful. Michael’s good friend Alex was the officiant and did a great job. Of course, no wedding is complete without the first married selfie down the aisle.

Kenley and Jack soon stole the show and the party began!







We sent the couple off with sparklers and headed to the after party at Bar Louie. Greg took the kids back to the hotel around 8:30pm after Crosby slept in the stroller at the reception for a little bit. Both of the kids were great most of the day and we all had such a great time.


Monday morning we were able to hang around for a little bit and watch the happy couple open their gifts. We said our goodbyes as everyone started to head out of town. We took a cab to Midway for our flight and the airport was packed! Apparently TSA doesn’t like you having about 50 bobby pins in you hair either. For the first time, I had to take Crosby out of the Ergo in order to go through security. I had to do the extra screening and get a pat down since I couldn’t get through the metal detector without setting it off. But, at least my hair still looked good! We were lucky to be able to have lunch and wait for our flights with Maggi & Greg. It was good to have two extra sets of hands and Kenley was obsessed with GiGi all weekend. Finally, it was time to head back to Orlando. We had a great vacation, but there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed!

Congratulations to happy couple, Michael & Rachel! We love you!

Chicago {Part I}

We spent a couple days in downtown Chicago last week before heading out to Oak Park for the wedding festivities for my brother. We had obviously been planning this trip for a while and it started a little earlier than expected on Wednesday morning when Kenley was up at 4am throwing up. We made it to our 9:05am flight and thankfully it wasn’t a full flight. Kenley proceeded to get sick the whole rest of the day. I felt so so so terrible for her, but she honestly was such a champ. I know if that was me, I would be in the fetal position bawling my eyes out all day.


We flew into Midway and took a cab to our hotel which was conveniently located right across from a Trader Joe’s and a Starbucks. After getting settled into the hotel, getting some groceries, and taking naps, we started our food crawl through Chicago. We met up Mary Beth & Jon at Portillo’s for dinner. It was so good to catch up with them since we hadn’t seen them since Labor Day of last year.




Kenley woke up feeling much better on Thursday so we decided to hit the town. We started with breakfast at Eggsperience Pancakes & Cafe, which was delicious.


We walked down to Navy Pier to go to the Children’s Museum. It was great for the kids, very reasonably priced, and it wasn’t crowded at all. We ended up playing for a couple hours before it was time to head back for lunch and naps. We made a point to get in good naps since we knew we would be staying up late most of the nights we were there. On the walk back to the hotel, we made sure to stop by Garrett’s Popcorn for the Chicago mix, which was amazing.







After nap time, we took a cab down to Millennium Park to see the giant bean and Michael took the train in and met us there. Since we took a cab, we didn’t take the stroller and I wore Crosby in the Ergo.







We walked a couple blocks to have dinner at Giordano’s.



After dinner, Michael headed back to the train and we walked back to the hotel. Mind you, we didn’t have the stroller so Kenley was riding on Greg’s shoulders and Crosby was in the Ergo. It was definitely colder than what we were used to as the sun was quickly setting, but we did our best to take in the scenery through the city as we crossed over the Chicago River.


Lucky for us, the Colts played Thursday night that week so we were able to watch some of the game after the kids went to bed. Unlucky for us, we couldn’t stay up to watch the end of the game, but the Colts won! Friday morning, Michael, Eric, and Alex rode the train in to the city to pick us up. We wanted to get the full experience in the city, so riding the train was a must. However, we could not have done it without the three boys helping with the kids and all of our luggage. On the way out of the city we stopped at Glazed and Infused for some monster donuts. I think we successfully hit up all of the great food stops while we were in the city.


Travel wise, I think we did a pretty good job for our first trip as a family of four, especially traveling with a sick toddler. We brought the stroller and could not have lived without it. We used it as a double stroller most of the time except when we were getting on the train because it doesn’t fold as easy when there are two seats on it. We did not bring car seats since, by law, the kids can ride in the cab without one. That’s not to say I was thrilled with that decision, it just wasn’t feasible to bring them along. I was a nervous wreck riding in the cabs without their seats. Once again, the Ergo saved the day multiple times. Crosby took several naps in it throughout our trip. We also checked a cooler with dry ice and frozen breast milk with our luggage. The whole process was smooth from start to finish. We had no problems at the airport and our first hotel kept the breast milk in their freezer. We had a mini fridge with a freezer at our second hotel, so we got to keep it in our room. The things we do for our kids! Both of the kids slept on both flights, so that gave Greg and I a short amount of time to rejuvenate ourselves. Once we arrived back to Orlando, Greg and Kenley went to pick up our car while I had Crosby in the Ergo. I am pretty proud to say that I successfully loaded two 50 pound suitcases and our double stroller in the travel bag off of the carousel and onto the cart.

Stay tuned for part two which is the whole reason we were in Chicago to begin with!

Fifty + Fifty-One Weeks

We are inching closer to the end of Crosby’s weekly photo project and I have to say that I’m not too upset about it. It’s very difficult to get a picture of this one not moving, let alone laying down. That also means that he’s almost one year old. Not possible! He has been on the move the past two weeks. While we were at the hotel, every time the door would open, he would speed crawl to try to get out. When we let him in the hall, he just walked and walked as far as his little feet could take him. He’s fully committed to walking now and crawling is a thing of the past. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s running in the next week. He wants to keep up with Kenley so bad.

fifty weeks

fifty-one weeks

The next update will be a big one, just like our little guy.

my weekend in photos


kenley celebrated her birthday on friday at school then we met up with her old teacher who was back in town for dinner.
it was great catching up with her and we were excited her trip coincided with kenley’s birthday.

chocolate covered pretzels

while greg worked on friday night, i did some birthday party prep.

rainbow fruit

birthday party prep continued saturday morning.
the rainbow fruit was one of my favorite parts of the party.


// chambray button down // leggings // bow-tie boots // plaid rolled-sleeve shirt // 

ready to party!


these two.

crosby had a great time partying too, he’s ready for his own party.

// boo pajamas //

and then we woke up on sunday with a three year old!


// ruffled tee // striped long-sleeve henley // 

we headed down to our favorite shaded park to get some pictures of the kids.
i’ll be posting many more soon.


sunday was the last day of the fall healthy kids running series.


kenley did awesome! it’s amazing how much she improved since the first race.


since it was the final race, she got her medal!
the first of many race bling to come.


we had a wonderful weekend celebrating our little three year old.
how was your weekend?

Three Years Old

Kenley Dee is three!

Three years old!

This girl is funny, smart, and has a great memory.

She is constantly talking about friends and family. It’s so awesome that she knows and remembers extended family members, even though we don’t get to see them that often. She will ask us where certain people live, then she will answer her own question. I’m sure she is going to love geography since we have friends and family all over the United States. Whenever she sings a song, she is sure to include as many people as possible.

Kenley loves her brother, but she also gets frustrated with him very easily. Now that he’s on the move, he always wants to see what she’s playing with, so we hear a lot of “I don’t want Crosby to get this.” On the flip side, whenever he’s upset, she sings to him a “you’re ok” song that she’s made up. There is also a good mix of hugs and kisses and being rough with him. It won’t be too long before he can be rough right back with her. It’s been so fun watching them learn to play with each other now that he’s getting older.

Kenley knows her colors very well, she can not only say the alphabet, but she can also identify letters and say a word (or words) that start with that letter, and she can count to 20 most of the time. Every now and then she throws in “eleven-teen”, but then says “mommy, there is no eleven-teen.” She can also spell her own name, as well as Crosby’s name. We are currently working on spelling mommy and daddy. I’m hoping she has my sense of direction as she already announces “this is the way to …. ” when we are in the car. Majority of the time, she’s right. She definitely is a creature of habit. We are on a very good schedule and she loves it. She is starting to be more flexible when we aren’t on the schedule, like a later bedtime, but most of the time we try to stick with the norm.

Seriously, her memory is unbelievable. I’ll be anxious to see what she remembers as she gets older and what her first memories will be. She knows that something happened in the past, but everything happened “yesterday”. She always says “remember when … something happened…. yesterday?” Usually it is something from left field that happened forever ago.

I could go on and on about this one. She sure is fun at this age, but that’s not to say that it’s not challenging at times. We are definitely in the “testing” phase and as soon as you ask her not to do something, she does it anyway, just to see what she can get away with. Our time-outs consist of her sitting against the wall, crying, and it ending with a hug. Bedtime is an up and down process. Some days are definitely better than others.

Finally, I will let her tell you a little bit about herself.

birthday interview

Birthday Interview Printable

Happy birthday Kenley Dee! We love you so very much.

Friday I’m in Love

I’m sorry for the silence around here this past week and a half, but we’re back and I cannot wait to share about our trip. I still have a lot of posts I plan on sharing from my short break this summer, plus all the exciting things happening this month. Thanks for being patient, I promise more regular posts soon!

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o n e

We got the opportunity to enjoy some real fall weather this past week and it was amazing. Kenley and I rocked our boots all week long and I got to dress the kids in actual fall clothes. Of course this sounds silly, but we returned to 90 degrees and humidity on Monday, which was a bummer!

t w o

It was so great to see friends and family this past week. Even though it was a hectic week traveling, sleeping, etc. I still left feeling refreshed. There is just something about a hug from your mom, seeing extended family, and picking up with friends right where we left off.


t h r e e

I had my first experience in The Paper Source while we were in Chicago. Oh my goodness, what a dangerous place. I had only shopped online and everything in the store was so pretty. I was already picking out new gift wrap to refresh our LATT table.

the paper source latt hack

f o u r

A couple weeks ago while I enviously scrolled through Instagram to find a few of my girlfriends from the running group enjoying what they call ‘Babies, Brunch, and Bubbly.’ I mean, how great does that sound…and I was at work! Luckily, I took a couple extra days off this week so I was able to join in on the fun! Kayla graciously hosted four mamas and their babies (minus my babies since they were at school) for some delicious brunch and a couple glasses of bubbly. It was so fun to hang out with these mamas outside of running. I’m already looking forward to joining in again whenever I can.


f i v e

// source //

It’s official, I’m in my thirties, and I’m loving it.


Your turn, what are you loving?