[5] Milestone.

It was another gorgeous day in central Florida.

Sunny, low 70s, and not a cloud in the sky.

I worked outside today measuring, lining, and painting our lacrosse field
and actually got sun! Not to mention a sweet farmer’s tan too.
I’m ok with that though, at least it’s something!

After work I decided to run on campus instead of heading home to run.
We have something called “Hatter Tracks” …
(that’s our mascot, we’re the Hatters, a story for another day)

Well, one Hatter Track is basically a large loop around campus & it’s 1.25 miles.
Somehow, I ran four of them! I know, I’m just as shocked as you!!

That is a grand total of 5 miles!! (gasp) Yes, 5 miles!
The furthest I’ve ever run!

Needless to say, I was pretty excited. Still am actually.

This is the middle of campus. Palm Court.

Pretty sweet eh?

Be Magic.

Greg and I went to the Orlando Magic game tonight,
(thanks to our friend Michelle who gave us the tickets).

It was my first (and Greg’s second) Magic game at the new Amway Center
which is unbelievable. It’s hard to believe you’re in an arena!

The Magic beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 103-87!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Orlando
and this was the perfect way to end the weekend!

Be Magic!

A first time for everything.

Tonight. It was Indian food.

Well, at least for me.
Greg frequented the Indian restaurant on Long Island many of times.

But tonight was a first for me.
I do have to say that I did enjoy it!

I got the Lamb Curry and Greg tired the Chicken Curry.
Mine, medium. His, hot.

We also shared the nan, which was surprisingly delish!



For those of you who don’t know, we love college basketball.

Like… March Madness is almost better than Christmas.

Tonight, Indiana is playing #21 Illinois in Bloomington, IN.

Thanks to the Big Ten Network,
we get to watch all the way in (warm) Florida!

We’re hanging with them so far… Let’s hope they can keep it up!


Knocked Out

Today, I was down for the count with an upper respiratory infection.

Thank goodness for Z-pack and OJ (with half the calories, of course).

Hopefully I’ll be good as new tomorrow…or at least close to it.


Rain, Rain Go Away

Today was quite an eventful day (according to the local news & weatherman).

Thunderstorms, rain, and tornadoes, oh my!

We just got a lot of rain (still getting it actually) where we live,
but there were lots of tornadoes in the area.

It should make for a good night of sleeping though!