Leav-ing on a jet plane

[picture Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler dancing around here]

Unlike Armageddon, we DO know when we’ll be back again.

That’s right, we’re the fools leaving
80* and sunny with a cool breeze for
20* and snow for the next four days!

But, we are super excited!

We also have this [slightly] awesome photo from
the Orlando International Airport for the day…
but, the internet connection isn’t all that great,
so you’ll have to wait a few more hours for it!

Frisco, here we come!

We are here!! Low and behold,
the Orlando International Airport!

One thought on “Leav-ing on a jet plane

  1. Whew – I was nervous you weren’t posting a photo today. Glad to know it is coming later. Need my daily K&G fix. Travel safe! LOVE YOU!

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