Welcome to Frisco!

So far, we’ve had such a fun day!

First of all, we got to see the fam,
including our adorable niece and nephews!
(They were asleep last night when we got here)

Second, check out this view!

We spent the first part of the day ripping around
on the snowmobiles up at Vail Pass
in a new blanket of fresh powder snow.

Right now, we are taking a break before we go tubing
then hit the town (which is so cute, by the way!).

More pictures to come!

Leav-ing on a jet plane

[picture Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler dancing around here]

Unlike Armageddon, we DO know when we’ll be back again.

That’s right, we’re the fools leaving
80* and sunny with a cool breeze for
20* and snow for the next four days!

But, we are super excited!

We also have this [slightly] awesome photo from
the Orlando International Airport for the day…
but, the internet connection isn’t all that great,
so you’ll have to wait a few more hours for it!

Frisco, here we come!

We are here!! Low and behold,
the Orlando International Airport!

A slump

…is exactly what the UCF Knights are in.

The last time I posted about the Knights
we had just won game number 14 in a row and they were on fire!

Since… we’ve lost 3 straight. Ouch.

Here is Greg and J-Bone after!

I think they are both just happy to be done with work for the day.

I agree!!

Let it snow!

Well, not here. It was a 75* and sunny here today.
(Yeah, be jealous).

I’m saying, “let it snow” here!
Which is where we will be in T-minus 48 hours!

Which is why we are packing this…

Literally, every piece of winter clothes we own.
I even stopped by the Sports Authority in Daytona Beach
to buy some killer snow pants (seems ironic, no?).
AND, they were on sale too. Can’t beat that.

Ok, moving on. We are headed to Colorado
to see the fam and hit the slopes!

Hopefully tonight we’ll actually start taking the clothes off the floor
and putting them in the suitcase!


After about 5 hours of manual labor,
12 bags of mulch,
8 dead palm fronds,
mowing, mulching, trimming, edging,
and 1 less tree.

Here is the final product from our weekend landscaping project!

We have wanted to get rid of the [leaning] tree for a while
and finally just did it. It looks SO much better without it!
We planted a few more small plants to fill in the space
and are SO SO SO happy with the final product!



Tonight, our good friend, Ryan had an oyster roast!

This was my first time having oysters,
and definitely my first time roasting them over a fire.

We can safely say that I loved them,
and probably ate my weight in them!
Who knew?!

They weren’t Greg’s favorite thing,
but he tried them!

I learned that oysters are great with lemon juice,
and Cholua Hot Sauce,
but not so much Tabasco.

It was a fun night with friends… and oysters!


This is what our front yard looked like this morning.

I know, right? Embarrassing!

Over the past couple of months we have completely neglected our
lawn and landscaping duties.
This was due to a combination of the holidays, busy Saturdays,
and the fact that it’s been a tad chilly.

Well, that all changed today!
It was absolutely gorgeous out and we went to work!

Stay tuned, we can’t wait for you to see how it looks now!!

Happy Long Weekend!

Tonight we started off the long weekend with some bowling & beer!

Check out that form on Mr. Stan Macko!
What a pro!

Sidenote: I really am NOT good at bowling.
I won’t even tell you what I scored.

Happy long weekend to you!