Photo books!

I don’t have much experience with photo books,
but with my new camera and the amount of pictures I’ve been taking lately,
I have a feeling I’m going to become more acquainted
with them in the very near future.

Back in July, we were able to go to California for an extra long weekend
to see one of my bffs, Mandy, get married!
Around that time, I had purchased a Groupon for a Shutterfly photo book for
10 bucks! Steal.
The book turned out really great, especially for the price!

So, a few months ago I purchased the same Shutterfly Groupon.
I mean, how could I not?
It was about to expire, so I seriously threw together
a photo book of our trip to Frisco last month.
It came today!!
Again, I’m very pleased with it and it was only $10!

I really had never used Shutterfly before because I had been loyal to Snapfish,
but I haven’t see any Snapfish Groupons out there, so sorry Snapfish.

If you don’t know about Groupon yet, you’re missing out. Get with the game!!

What photo books sites do you use?? I’m always open for suggestions!