A Lot of Space

I really like organization.
I like buying things that help me organize.
I like cleaning out my closets, rooms, etc.
so I can re-organize them.

Lately, I’ve been super paranoid about weird things.
My computer crashing…
and me losing all of my photo memories from college.
All of my documents from grad school.

I’ve also been paranoid about leaving things plugged in
or turning on appliances when we leave the house.
But that is besides the point.

So, this guy that I like a lot bought me this do-hicky-thing-a-ma-jig.

That my friends, is an external hard drive.
One with a whole heck of a lot of space.
So, if my worst fear happens and my computer crashes,
everything will be backed up on here!

This weekend, I am diving into a major organization project with all of my electronic files.

Can you tell I’m excited?


3 thoughts on “A Lot of Space

  1. I’m doing the same thing this weekend! We’re going to be getting some online storage through amazon. I am also paranoid and am convinced my house and external hard drive will go up in flames! What’s wrong with us!? 🙂

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