Hello Baseball

I’m sure you all know that Greg is a baseball fanatic.
He enjoys the Mets.
Well. He’s a fan of the Mets,
most of the time he doesn’t really enjoy them.

Eventually, we want to get to every major league stadium
in. the. country.

If Greg had it his way,
we’d rent an RV and knock them out in one summer.
But, he doesn’t always get his way.

This weekend we are marking one more stadium off the list!
And it’s opening weekend of baseball! How cool is that?!

We are off to Miami this weekend to catch
the Marlins and the Mets at Sun Life Stadium!

Guess what I did today…

That’s right. I was summoned.

This rainy Monday turned out to be quite an eventful day.

#297 was called in the first group of 30 and we went up 18 floors,
to sit there for 6.5 hours and be questioned…
and questioned…
and questioned…
and let me tell you… they were random questions!

I was not selected on be on the jury,
which would have taken the next 5 days at least.

I can definitely say I did my part as a citizen of Orange County!

Bon Voyage

Today we said bon voyage to my parents
who will be spending the next week on Freedom of the Seas.

Yeah, needless to say we’re a little jealous.

Afterwards we headed to Cocoa Beach for some much needed sun!


It’s that time again

After a break for a couple of weeks,
Stetson Men’s Lacrosse hosted the
University of Florida Freshman squad tonight.

My parents are in town so they got to come to the game!
This was their first time on campus and their first time to see where I work,
so that was great!

Happy weekend!