Making History

It’s been an exciting couple of days at Stetson,
which makes work that much more fun!

For the past year or so, before I even worked here,
our awesome new President has been making some major changes on campus.

One of which was the creation of my position and the club sports program!
Which, I think, is the best improvement to date… but I may be bias.

Yesterday, several representatives, students, faculty, and staff
attended the City Commission meeting which was going to have a huge impact
on a huge announcement that came later last night.

Stetson is reintroducing collegiate football!!

History: Stetson University started football in 1901.
Their last season was in 1956.

The celebration on campus was today during lunch!

Not to mention we are also celebrating the addition of
NCAA Women’s Lacrosse & Sand Volleyball!
Oh, and our women’s basketball team
who will be playing in the NCAA Tournament on Saturday!

So, like I said. A fun couple of days at work!


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