Who doesn’t love a good deal?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little strange.
But I really love this specific type of water bottle: Camelbak.

I have two already but one of the lids broke,
so I was on the hunt for a new lid.

After searching and searching, I came across what seemed to be a
“too good to be true” deal.

Sports Authority was offering the bottle & lid (naturally) for $3.97
(Sorry Marge, I did look at Dick’s Sporting Goods first, promise)

PLUS it was eligible for free shipping!

The only weird thing about it was that in the drop down menu,
it said “No size, No color” next to the $3.97,
so I was a little confused, but didn’t really think about it too long.

I just ordered it and thought it would be a fun surprise when it arrived.

So I got this cute pink Camelbak for $3.97 shipped straight to my door.
How’s that for a deal?

While I knew it was a good deal, I just went to look on S.A.
so I could link ya’ll in case you wanted to get one for yourself…
but, now it’s $9.99 with $1.99 shipping. (gasp!)

So it was even a better deal than I thought!