The Royal Wedding

I don’t know about you but I have been obsessed with the royal wedding today!

This is about the time that I started watching this morning
after my alarm went off at 5:50 am.

Catherine and her father arriving to the Westminster Abbey
just before the wedding.

Greg and I watched it all until we left for work about 2 hours later.

In my opinion, her dress could not have been more perfect.
She looked stunning, regal, and effortless.

Not only her dress, but Pippa’s dress was amazing too!

I love this picture.
I like to think that Pippa is saying to Catherine,
holy crap, you’re marrying a prince today.

She’s a commoner!


You know what else is insane?
This cake!! Wow.

I was a little sad that Princess Di wasn’t here for all of this.

All the photos are from MSNBC, so check out the rest!

Spice Up Your Life

I’m pretty sure that was a Spice Girls song…
actually I’m sure of it, because it’s in my head now.

A few weeks ago during our random shopping trip to Sam’s Club,
we purchased a new spice rack!
Technically, we didn’t have an old one to begin with,
we just had all our spice jars in the cabinet creating a cluttered mess.
So, I was pretty excited when we finally got one!

Once we emptied out all our old spices,
I had a lot of spice jars that I didn’t know what to do with.

Well my friends, let arts & crafts begin.

I’ve only done two so far which are being used for my bobby pins & stick pins.

I got the green fabric at Jo-Ann’s in the remnants bin for 54 cents
and the Mod Podge for $4 with my 50% off coupon.
Pretty sweet deal, eh?

I know Greg is excited, he hates finding bobby pins ALL over the place! 🙂

I cannot take credit for this super easy slash awesome idea,
my super crafty friend Sally gave me the idea!

14 Weeks!

We are into our second trimester and a third of the way to October 21st!

I am feeling good and have cut down considerably on the nap time,
which I am kind of sad about… this is mostly because I’m not as tired,
but also a little due to the semester winding down and being super busy at work.

 My belly is definitely changing, which I am slowly accepting.
Jeans and most of my work pants are getting snug,
so I look forward to putting on comfy clothes all day long.

Believe me, by the time I have some food and water, it definitely pooches out.

Here are some of my favorite items so far:

The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy 

A dear friend lent me this book and let me tell you, it is amazing.
If you are pregnant, get it… or know someone who is, tell them about it.
Everything that I’ve experienced up until this point is mentioned in this book.
Not to mention it’s pretty funny too.

The Be Band

This band helps me wear said pants that are getting snug.
Again, a must have for those who are preggers.

My goal for this week is to get out and start walking more.
I also got a prenatal yoga DVD which I need to actually open! 😉

NOLA for NIRSA 2011

Sorry for the absence as of late. Thank you so much for all the well wishes!
We are truly blessed with the best friends & family anyone could as for!

I do have somewhat of an excuse for not posting all week…
I was partying it up in New Orleans for the NIRSA Conference!

And by partying, I mean attending sessions, eating, and going to bed way early.

But, it was so much fun to catch up with friends & colleagues in the field.

I decided not to take our nice camera so I wouldn’t have to lug it around,
so I charged my batteries and packed up my point and shoot,
without the  memory stick. Awesome.
So all my photos are from my iPhone, which could have been worse I guess.

One social was at Mardi Gras World where we saw tons of parade floats!

Lynn, Jessica, Michael and I all represented Stetson!

Gary, my former boss at UCF!

It’s hard to believe I actually worked for this guy at one point!

I got to see my bro too!!

 See ya in Tampa at NIRSA 2012!

We have news!

So when I led you to believe yesterday
that our life hasn’t been that exciting lately,
I lied.

What I meant to say is that we have HUGE news
that we’ve been keeping from you!!

Not in a mean way though… so don’t worry about that.

We’re going to have a baby!!
Yes. A real life human. How scary awesome is that?!

This is our little nugget at our appointment this morning!

Now let’s get to the questions I know you all have…

When did you find out?

I found out on February 28th after feeling pretty crappy for about a week.
When I saw the two pink lines, I completely freaked out.
I always thought that I’d do something super cute to tell Greg,
like go out and get a cute onesie for him to come home to, etc.
Oh no… I called him immediately at work saying
“I’m pregnant! Now what?!”
Honestly, you would have thought we were 16 and jobless.
He was super excited which snapped me back to reality.
Then I was excited!

How are you feeling?

I am feeling pretty good now. I’m 12w4d today
and haven’t thrown up once (knock on wood).
I have felt nauseous, but the worst of it is at night.
I pretty much have slept through the past 6 weeks.
I have been so incredibly exhausted,
napping after work and still going to sleep by 10pm.

Are you going to find out what it is?

Yes, we definitely are going to find out the sex.
We can find out between 18-20 weeks.

When are you due?

Originally they told us October 13th,
which is exactly between our birthdays, so that was cool.
But at our first appointment s/he was measuring a week later,
so they moved it to October 21st.
Either way we are super excited for more October birthdays!

Do you have names picked out?

We have some names that we like,
but we aren’t going to tell the official name until the little nugget is born.

What other questions do ya’ll have?!

What is going to happen with this blog?

Ok, that may not be your question, but it’s going to get an answer.
Right now, I think we’re going to transition it more to
big events, baby updates, and fun posts
rather than an everyday photo.

It’s still up for debate, so we’ll see!

Thanks for letting us share our exciting news! 🙂

The Randomness Continues

Since this is your second look inside our pantry in about a week,
you can tell that our life is really exciting right now.
Deal with it.

To be honest, we actually were really excited to organize our pantry
after we got such a bangin’ deal on more of the OXO Pop Containers.

Yeah. $50 for a 12 pack at Sam’s Club.
Those of you who frequent Bed Bath & Beyond or Crate & Barrel regularly know
that these are not cheap. A 10 pack goes for $100,
and I’ve never seen them on sale.

We registered for some of them way back when
and completely fell in love with them.
So much so that we buy them for anyone who is getting married
(and who is registered for them of course).

So you can imagine our excitement when we saw them yesterday
as we were wondering through Sam’s Club aimlessly…
which can be very dangerous, fyi.

Now, everything is in it’s correct place
and sealed tight for freshness!

You would not believe how much space we freed up!

A Very Random Saturday

We had one of the most random Saturdays today.

Our community declared today
“Community Wide Rummage Sale” day,
so we walked around and tried to find hidden treasures,
such as a dresser we could fix up for the guest bedroom, etc.

What we did find was…

An ice shot glass maker set and a lava lamp
for a grand total of $7

To top it off, we got a nice cool beverage
from a lemonade stand
then a treat from the ice cream truck!

In total we walked about 5 miles today,
in about 90* weather, so we were spent!

Double Pepperoni

It had been a very long since we’ve enjoyed Pizza Hut…
until tonight!

Which sparked a conversation about Book It!
Remember that awesome book program back in the day
where you got stars on your button and free pizza from Pizza Hut?!


Don’t worry, there were several people enjoying the pizza and wings,
not just the two of us.


Homemade Treats

We made some homemade treats tonight!
Popsicles made out of Crystal Light Raspberry Ice Tea

We’re freezing them tonight and we’ll let you know how they are tomorrow!