The Randomness Continues

Since this is your second look inside our pantry in about a week,
you can tell that our life is really exciting right now.
Deal with it.

To be honest, we actually were really excited to organize our pantry
after we got such a bangin’ deal on more of the OXO Pop Containers.

Yeah. $50 for a 12 pack at Sam’s Club.
Those of you who frequent Bed Bath & Beyond or Crate & Barrel regularly know
that these are not cheap. A 10 pack goes for $100,
and I’ve never seen them on sale.

We registered for some of them way back when
and completely fell in love with them.
So much so that we buy them for anyone who is getting married
(and who is registered for them of course).

So you can imagine our excitement when we saw them yesterday
as we were wondering through Sam’s Club aimlessly…
which can be very dangerous, fyi.

Now, everything is in it’s correct place
and sealed tight for freshness!

You would not believe how much space we freed up!