We have news!

So when I led you to believe yesterday
that our life hasn’t been that exciting lately,
I lied.

What I meant to say is that we have HUGE news
that we’ve been keeping from you!!

Not in a mean way though… so don’t worry about that.

We’re going to have a baby!!
Yes. A real life human. How scary awesome is that?!

This is our little nugget at our appointment this morning!

Now let’s get to the questions I know you all have…

When did you find out?

I found out on February 28th after feeling pretty crappy for about a week.
When I saw the two pink lines, I completely freaked out.
I always thought that I’d do something super cute to tell Greg,
like go out and get a cute onesie for him to come home to, etc.
Oh no… I called him immediately at work saying
“I’m pregnant! Now what?!”
Honestly, you would have thought we were 16 and jobless.
He was super excited which snapped me back to reality.
Then I was excited!

How are you feeling?

I am feeling pretty good now. I’m 12w4d today
and haven’t thrown up once (knock on wood).
I have felt nauseous, but the worst of it is at night.
I pretty much have slept through the past 6 weeks.
I have been so incredibly exhausted,
napping after work and still going to sleep by 10pm.

Are you going to find out what it is?

Yes, we definitely are going to find out the sex.
We can find out between 18-20 weeks.

When are you due?

Originally they told us October 13th,
which is exactly between our birthdays, so that was cool.
But at our first appointment s/he was measuring a week later,
so they moved it to October 21st.
Either way we are super excited for more October birthdays!

Do you have names picked out?

We have some names that we like,
but we aren’t going to tell the official name until the little nugget is born.

What other questions do ya’ll have?!

What is going to happen with this blog?

Ok, that may not be your question, but it’s going to get an answer.
Right now, I think we’re going to transition it more to
big events, baby updates, and fun posts
rather than an everyday photo.

It’s still up for debate, so we’ll see!

Thanks for letting us share our exciting news! 🙂