14 Weeks!

We are into our second trimester and a third of the way to October 21st!

I am feeling good and have cut down considerably on the nap time,
which I am kind of sad about… this is mostly because I’m not as tired,
but also a little due to the semester winding down and being super busy at work.

 My belly is definitely changing, which I am slowly accepting.
Jeans and most of my work pants are getting snug,
so I look forward to putting on comfy clothes all day long.

Believe me, by the time I have some food and water, it definitely pooches out.

Here are some of my favorite items so far:

The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy 

A dear friend lent me this book and let me tell you, it is amazing.
If you are pregnant, get it… or know someone who is, tell them about it.
Everything that I’ve experienced up until this point is mentioned in this book.
Not to mention it’s pretty funny too.

The Be Band

This band helps me wear said pants that are getting snug.
Again, a must have for those who are preggers.

My goal for this week is to get out and start walking more.
I also got a prenatal yoga DVD which I need to actually open! 😉

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