Spice Up Your Life

I’m pretty sure that was a Spice Girls song…
actually I’m sure of it, because it’s in my head now.

A few weeks ago during our random shopping trip to Sam’s Club,
we purchased a new spice rack!
Technically, we didn’t have an old one to begin with,
we just had all our spice jars in the cabinet creating a cluttered mess.
So, I was pretty excited when we finally got one!

Once we emptied out all our old spices,
I had a lot of spice jars that I didn’t know what to do with.

Well my friends, let arts & crafts begin.

I’ve only done two so far which are being used for my bobby pins & stick pins.

I got the green fabric at Jo-Ann’s in the remnants bin for 54 cents
and the Mod Podge for $4 with my 50% off coupon.
Pretty sweet deal, eh?

I know Greg is excited, he hates finding bobby pins ALL over the place! 🙂

I cannot take credit for this super easy slash awesome idea,
my super crafty friend Sally gave me the idea!

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