The Royal Wedding

I don’t know about you but I have been obsessed with the royal wedding today!

This is about the time that I started watching this morning
after my alarm went off at 5:50 am.

Catherine and her father arriving to the Westminster Abbey
just before the wedding.

Greg and I watched it all until we left for work about 2 hours later.

In my opinion, her dress could not have been more perfect.
She looked stunning, regal, and effortless.

Not only her dress, but Pippa’s dress was amazing too!

I love this picture.
I like to think that Pippa is saying to Catherine,
holy crap, you’re marrying a prince today.

She’s a commoner!


You know what else is insane?
This cake!! Wow.

I was a little sad that Princess Di wasn’t here for all of this.

All the photos are from MSNBC, so check out the rest!