Pink or Blue?!

This weekend was full of baby planning & purchasing!
My mom was here from Saturday until just a few hours ago,
we went all over the place on Saturday as soon as she got in,
and purchased two essential items for the nursery!

Today we had our 18 week ultrasound and were able to find out the sex!

:: drum roll please ::


We are so excited!!
We’ve got lots of pictures too!

You can see her face, especially mouth & nose on the right!

Little foot!

Even though she looks like a reptile, this is her spine!

It’s so crazy how much you can see even though she’s so small.
We were able to watch her move around for a little while,
which was so awesome!

We got to share the good news with our niece and nephews via Skype tonight,
which was so fun… two 6-year-olds and a 3-year-old!
Addy has zero girl cousins so she was the most excited!

Now, I’m ready to start planning more of the nursery,
and obviously start buying clothes!!

18 Weeks!

Well hello 18 weeks!

I’m feeling good and am at the point where all I can think about is food!

Favorites right now are:

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt
Fresh strawberries & blueberries and
Special K Low Fat Granola

Apple slices & Peanut Butter & Honey

I can’t get enough!!

Baby G is continuing to grow!
He/She is the size of a bell pepper,
don’t you love how we’re working our way through the produce section?

We have a fun weekend ahead, so stay tuned for updates to come!

Nursery Ideas & Inspiration

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how we’re doing,
what we’re doing, what ideas we have, etc. about everything baby related.

Which probably explains why all I can think about is baby, baby, baby
…and food.

So here are some ideas & inspiration for the nursery,
keep in mind we still don’t know if it’s a boy or girl,
so it’s going to be a random mix of baby-goodness.

We have definitely decided on green walls,
but still are considering other accent colors…
obviously gender specific ones.

I love looking at Design Seeds to get ideas for colors!

I am seriously thinking white furniture for the nursery,
for a couple of reasons…
I like white furniture… and the room is small without a lot of natural light,
so I think dark furniture would make the room more dark than it should be.

This is the inspiration for the dresser/changing table combo,
the Expedit bookshelf from IKEA.

I’m pretty sure that Sally & I picked out our crib, which is also white,
while we were wondering through Babies R Us on Saturday.

I’ve also been scouring blogs to get ideas from other mommies…

I love the green & the white picture frames on the wall,
you can see the whole room on Young House Love!

Here is another view with the frames!

This is such a cute mobile…
I absolutely love this entire nursery!

So that’s what we’re thinking now…
obviously it’s kind of all over the place,
but it’s a start!

Is this for real?!

I cannot believe I am about to write a post about
strollers and diapers!! Is this for real?!

Yes, I guess it is, so here it goes!

Meet BOB!

BOB is our new jogging stroller!!

I was randomly searching for strollers at work one day,
and decided to just check on Craigslist…
much to my surprise, I found a BOB for super cheap,
that included the infant car seat adapter!

So after I argued with myself for a while…
It’s too soon…
I can’t pass up this good deal…
I sent an email
and picked it up the next day!!

I’m super excited about BOB!
I’m also glad that our first big purchase is kind of out of the way,
now bring on the buying! 🙂

We also got a great gift from our friends Sally & Nathan (and Charlie of course!).

Our first cloth diapers!! … Pause for reaction.

Yes, we have decided to do cloth diapers!!

Greg wants everyone to know that it is more about saving money,
than it actually  is about “being green”,
but the being green part does make it a little better.

 So our collection is started with these two Bum Genius 4.o diapers!

I’m sure you’re wondering about cloth diapers,
so check out Sally’s Cloth Diaper FAQ!

Weekend Recap!

This week(end) my bff/cousin Maggi and (her) Greg were in town to play!

Wednesday we hung out at one of our favorite bars for nickel beer
and celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Thursday with a homemade taco bar!!

Friday we headed down to I-Drive to ICE Bar!

It was cold! Literally, 26* inside the bar, which was entirely made of ice!

They give you parkas and gloves to wear inside! Which is good, because the glasses are also made of ice!

There were tons of ice sculptures… yeah, you get it… ICE!!

I mean, how cute is he?!

Moral of the story, ICE Bar was so fun and if you come to Orlando, you should definitely go!!

Saturday we headed to Downtown Disney to hang out and see Cirque du Soleil!

The show was absolutely amazing!! It was way cooler than I expected,
I’m ready to see all of them in every city… ready go!

This was our view from dinner on the water… so amazing!

It was such a fun weekend with Marge & Greg!
Come back soon please 🙂

16 Weeks!

Baby G is growing every day, as am I, (s)he is the size of an avocado!

Just so you know, I feel about ten times larger than I look in this picture.

Other than that, I’m feeling pretty good and having some random symptoms,
pregnancy rhinitis being the most prominent.

Here’s what I’m loving these days…

Express Sexy Stretch Fold-Over Cropped Pant

Literally everything in my closet is from Express
and the last time I was there I was conscience about
not spending money on something I wouldn’t be able
to wear very long… so, I got two pair of these
cropped yoga pants and I LOVE them! They are so comfy!

 Crunch Yoga Mama DVD

I’ve been getting back in my work out routine,
which now includes walking & this yoga DVD,
but it’s something, so I can’t complain!

I could probably count on one hand the number
of times I have done yoga in my life,
so this is good for beginners who are also preggers.

Picture Takin’

So I’ve been slacking with the picture taking lately…
which was the whole purpose of this blog,
so… I really need to get back on that!

The last time I really had the camera in my hand
was when I was taking photos for Sally’s Etsy shop!

She has the cutest items for sale,
if you have a baby, or know a baby, check it out!!

Adorable bibs…

Sophie leashes…

Taggie blankets…

See what I mean?!

Now, head over to her shop and get something cute for the little on in your life!