Is this for real?!

I cannot believe I am about to write a post about
strollers and diapers!! Is this for real?!

Yes, I guess it is, so here it goes!

Meet BOB!

BOB is our new jogging stroller!!

I was randomly searching for strollers at work one day,
and decided to just check on Craigslist…
much to my surprise, I found a BOB for super cheap,
that included the infant car seat adapter!

So after I argued with myself for a while…
It’s too soon…
I can’t pass up this good deal…
I sent an email
and picked it up the next day!!

I’m super excited about BOB!
I’m also glad that our first big purchase is kind of out of the way,
now bring on the buying! 🙂

We also got a great gift from our friends Sally & Nathan (and Charlie of course!).

Our first cloth diapers!! … Pause for reaction.

Yes, we have decided to do cloth diapers!!

Greg wants everyone to know that it is more about saving money,
than it actually  is about “being green”,
but the being green part does make it a little better.

 So our collection is started with these two Bum Genius 4.o diapers!

I’m sure you’re wondering about cloth diapers,
so check out Sally’s Cloth Diaper FAQ!

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