Nursery Ideas & Inspiration

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how we’re doing,
what we’re doing, what ideas we have, etc. about everything baby related.

Which probably explains why all I can think about is baby, baby, baby
…and food.

So here are some ideas & inspiration for the nursery,
keep in mind we still don’t know if it’s a boy or girl,
so it’s going to be a random mix of baby-goodness.

We have definitely decided on green walls,
but still are considering other accent colors…
obviously gender specific ones.

I love looking at Design Seeds to get ideas for colors!

I am seriously thinking white furniture for the nursery,
for a couple of reasons…
I like white furniture… and the room is small without a lot of natural light,
so I think dark furniture would make the room more dark than it should be.

This is the inspiration for the dresser/changing table combo,
the Expedit bookshelf from IKEA.

I’m pretty sure that Sally & I picked out our crib, which is also white,
while we were wondering through Babies R Us on Saturday.

I’ve also been scouring blogs to get ideas from other mommies…

I love the green & the white picture frames on the wall,
you can see the whole room on Young House Love!

Here is another view with the frames!

This is such a cute mobile…
I absolutely love this entire nursery!

So that’s what we’re thinking now…
obviously it’s kind of all over the place,
but it’s a start!

4 thoughts on “Nursery Ideas & Inspiration

  1. We have the expedit bookshelf in black in Jack’s room! Just got it in this weekend from Pittsburg! The Land of Nod has really cute baskets that fit perfectly. We have them on KP’s shelf in his room and I realized they fit very well!

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