It’s the Little Things…

I think I mentioned that we’ve been doing small projects around the house…
Small, as in, you probably wouldn’t notice what we’ve done,
but they are huge projects in my mind.

First, we finally got knobs & handles for both of our bathrooms!!

I love these in the guest bathroom.
They are so fun and whimsical!

I also like the ones we chose for the master bath.
I have no idea why it took us over three years to purchase
a grand total of 12 knobs & handles for our two bathrooms,
but I feel so.much.better now that this is done!

As we started cleaning out the room that will eventually become the nursery,
I started to get anxiety having all this stuff and no where to put it,
and the fact that if our other rooms weren’t as I wanted them to be,
then we soon would never have time to perfect them.

So… we went to work on the office, as well as the guest bedroom.

I love this wall & we definitely have room to add to it.
I would have liked to paint that room,
because the white walls are kind of boring,
but I definitely do not or did not have the energy to tackle that project,
so white it will stay.

This was already up in the office on another wall,
so we’re keeping with the music/concert theme.

Like I said, you probably wouldn’t have noticed what we have done,
but now I feel we can focus on the nursery and I’m satisfied with other
areas of the house… I feel like this was the first stage of nesting.

Celebrating 2 Bachelorettes and a Baby!

I was in Indiana this past weekend to celebrate two of my bffs.
Celeste & Meghann are both friends from Zeta and
are both getting married in September!!

Little did I know that they had a little surprise baby shower up their sleeves!
We had an awesome dinner at Cooper’s Hawk in Indy on Friday night,
complete with balloons, wine (Diet Coke for me), and tons of laughter.
We topped it off with cake and even more laughter afterwards!

Katie, Celeste, me, Kelly, Bekah, Meghann

Saturday morning we headed back to our old stomping grounds…
The day was filled with boating on Lake Monroe & eating Jimmy John’s.
The bachelorette festivities began at Nick’s English Hut
with pizza and several rounds of Sink the Biz.
We made our way down Kirkwood hitting up all our old favorites,
Upstairs, Jungle Room, and of course, Kilroy’s.

The brides-to-be!
Celeste & I
Zeta Girls
Checking out their scavenger hunt!
Katie & I

It was a great weekend with great friends & family!

Baby on the Brain

I promise, we’re still here.

We’ve done a few baby-related things lately,
so that’s fun… Basically it’s all I think about most days.

I spent seriously 2 weeks researching strollers… yeah. 2 weeks.
And what we ended up registering for was
completely opposite of what I thought we would do,
but I am SO happy with our decision.

Yep, we registered a couple weekends ago!
It was SO fun!

We started at Babies R Us, which was a bit overwhelming…
I mean seriously, have you ever walked into that store?!
It’s insane!

But, we picked out our crib while we were there!
The Baby Cache Essential Curved Lifetime Crib

Isn’t it adorable?

After about two hours of Babies R Us,
we went to Target to start our registry there.
I’m not in love with the registry process at Target…
(which I am remembering now from our wedding registry),
but, I love Target, so that won out.

We also registered on Amazon… because, well Amazon is amazing.
And we were able to put our cloth diapers on there, so that’s fun!

I’ve still got tons of nursery ideas in my head,
but we aren’t going to do anything until the painting is done…
which only  makes sense I guess…I’m just impatient.

We’ve done some other random projects around the house
which I will update you on soon enough!

22 Weeks!

Greetings from Hartford, Connecticut!

Baby girl G and I have been here since Tuesday for a
work conference focusing solely on sport clubs…
It was great, but I’m ready to get back to sunny Orlando.

Baby G is as long as a spaghetti squash (whatever that is!)
and she is starting to look more and more like an actual baby
(so I’ve read…).

I am getting bigger and bigger every day…
when I wake up each morning I feel like
I’m SO MUCH bigger than the day before…
even though I probably am not.

At my 21 week appointment last Friday, I was measuring at 22 weeks,
which is normal, but I’ve still been watching what
I’ve been eating more this week.
My mom swears that they were right when
they said my initial due date was Oct. 13th… so we shall see!

Sleeping has been getting slightly more difficult,
so it’s a toss up how each night will be.
However, I’m feeling really good and enjoying the second trimester!

20 Weeks!

I cannot believe we are at the halfway point!
Crazy! Where is time going?!

 Baby [girl] G is getting bigger, as is my belly!
(and by the looks of this picture, my butt is getting bigger too)
She is the length of a banana now!

I finally feel like I actually look pregnant now!
I have been in wearing only maternity clothes for the past couple of weeks,
which is nice because they actually are comfortable.

I am starting to get antsy and really want to start working on the nursery,
so we may be doing that this weekend… we shall see!


It’s no surprise that I like to read blogs.
So, through a few of the blogs I enjoy reading,
Under the Sycamore & Young House Love, specifically,
I kept hearing about this website called Pinterest.

You can request to join the site, but rumor has it the wait is super long.

Well, once Sally got in, she invited me and I’ve been obsessed ever since.
It’s a great way to get ideas and inspiration,
as well as keep all those ideas in one place on your boards!

It’s also nice because it shows you the original link to the photo you pin!

This is where majority of my nursery ideas have come from.

I’ve also been keeping a list of  “Must Haves” for Baby G
by pinning photos from websites!

So yeah, it’s awesome.


My second obsession at this time, which I am afraid to admit,
is the “Case Against Casey” aka the Casey Anthony murder trial.

The summer after we moved to Florida (July 2008)
there were reports of a missing two-year-old.
Soon, the “Search for Caylee” was a daily update in Orlando.
In December 2008, sadly, they found her remains.

I wish it were that simple… it was a mess each and every day
as new information came out about the family, mom, etc.

So now, three years later, the mom (Casey) is on trial
for murder and the state is going after the death penalty.

Including the jury selection, we are on the fourth week,
but only the second week of the actual trial.

It’s all the rage here in Central Florida, especially Orlando.

If you’re really interested, you can see the timeline of events,
follow our local paper on Twitter about the case, or even watch online!

Memorial Day Weekend

Sorry for the absence on the blog lately,
I’ve definitely been hearing about it from a few of you 😉

 We definitely enjoyed the long Memorial Day weekend!
We, including some friends, headed down to Punta Gorda
for a weekend of fun in the sun!

I didn’t take many photos, but you get the gist of it.

Floating beer pong… not as easy as it looks.

Melissa & Ben

Greg & Jeremy… and those are tomato plants behind them! Serious.

Melissa & I

Synchronized cannon balls

Please note Jeremy’s face. I think they’re having fun.

It was a nice, relaxing weekend.
I took advantage of the ability to take a nap everyday 🙂

We also got to share the good news
that we are having a girl
with Greg’s mom & her friends!
So that was exciting!