It’s no surprise that I like to read blogs.
So, through a few of the blogs I enjoy reading,
Under the Sycamore & Young House Love, specifically,
I kept hearing about this website called Pinterest.

You can request to join the site, but rumor has it the wait is super long.

Well, once Sally got in, she invited me and I’ve been obsessed ever since.
It’s a great way to get ideas and inspiration,
as well as keep all those ideas in one place on your boards!

It’s also nice because it shows you the original link to the photo you pin!

This is where majority of my nursery ideas have come from.

I’ve also been keeping a list of  “Must Haves” for Baby G
by pinning photos from websites!

So yeah, it’s awesome.


My second obsession at this time, which I am afraid to admit,
is the “Case Against Casey” aka the Casey Anthony murder trial.

The summer after we moved to Florida (July 2008)
there were reports of a missing two-year-old.
Soon, the “Search for Caylee” was a daily update in Orlando.
In December 2008, sadly, they found her remains.

I wish it were that simple… it was a mess each and every day
as new information came out about the family, mom, etc.

So now, three years later, the mom (Casey) is on trial
for murder and the state is going after the death penalty.

Including the jury selection, we are on the fourth week,
but only the second week of the actual trial.

It’s all the rage here in Central Florida, especially Orlando.

If you’re really interested, you can see the timeline of events,
follow our local paper on Twitter about the case, or even watch online!

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