22 Weeks!

Greetings from Hartford, Connecticut!

Baby girl G and I have been here since Tuesday for a
work conference focusing solely on sport clubs…
It was great, but I’m ready to get back to sunny Orlando.

Baby G is as long as a spaghetti squash (whatever that is!)
and she is starting to look more and more like an actual baby
(so I’ve read…).

I am getting bigger and bigger every day…
when I wake up each morning I feel like
I’m SO MUCH bigger than the day before…
even though I probably am not.

At my 21 week appointment last Friday, I was measuring at 22 weeks,
which is normal, but I’ve still been watching what
I’ve been eating more this week.
My mom swears that they were right when
they said my initial due date was Oct. 13th… so we shall see!

Sleeping has been getting slightly more difficult,
so it’s a toss up how each night will be.
However, I’m feeling really good and enjoying the second trimester!

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