Baby on the Brain

I promise, we’re still here.

We’ve done a few baby-related things lately,
so that’s fun… Basically it’s all I think about most days.

I spent seriously 2 weeks researching strollers… yeah. 2 weeks.
And what we ended up registering for was
completely opposite of what I thought we would do,
but I am SO happy with our decision.

Yep, we registered a couple weekends ago!
It was SO fun!

We started at Babies R Us, which was a bit overwhelming…
I mean seriously, have you ever walked into that store?!
It’s insane!

But, we picked out our crib while we were there!
The Baby Cache Essential Curved Lifetime Crib

Isn’t it adorable?

After about two hours of Babies R Us,
we went to Target to start our registry there.
I’m not in love with the registry process at Target…
(which I am remembering now from our wedding registry),
but, I love Target, so that won out.

We also registered on Amazon… because, well Amazon is amazing.
And we were able to put our cloth diapers on there, so that’s fun!

I’ve still got tons of nursery ideas in my head,
but we aren’t going to do anything until the painting is done…
which only ¬†makes sense I guess…I’m just impatient.

We’ve done some other random projects around the house
which I will update you on soon enough!