It’s the Little Things…

I think I mentioned that we’ve been doing small projects around the house…
Small, as in, you probably wouldn’t notice what we’ve done,
but they are huge projects in my mind.

First, we finally got knobs & handles for both of our bathrooms!!

I love these in the guest bathroom.
They are so fun and whimsical!

I also like the ones we chose for the master bath.
I have no idea why it took us over three years to purchase
a grand total of 12 knobs & handles for our two bathrooms,
but I feel so.much.better now that this is done!

As we started cleaning out the room that will eventually become the nursery,
I started to get anxiety having all this stuff and no where to put it,
and the fact that if our other rooms weren’t as I wanted them to be,
then we soon would never have time to perfect them.

So… we went to work on the office, as well as the guest bedroom.

I love this wall & we definitely have room to add to it.
I would have liked to paint that room,
because the white walls are kind of boring,
but I definitely do not or did not have the energy to tackle that project,
so white it will stay.

This was already up in the office on another wall,
so we’re keeping with the music/concert theme.

Like I said, you probably wouldn’t have noticed what we have done,
but now I feel we can focus on the nursery and I’m satisfied with other
areas of the house… I feel like this was the first stage of nesting.