28 Weeks!

Well here we are… 28 weeks,
the third trimester.
The homestretch.
Wow. Where has the time gone?

I am very sad to see the energy-filled second trimester go,
but we are just one short trimester away from meeting our little girl!

One of my many goals during this process
was to have the nursery complete by the end of my second trimester.
While it’s not fully complete, we have made great headway
and our much anticipated trip to IKEA tomorrow will definitely help too.

I am satisfied with moving the (self-imposed) deadline
back a few weeks to the start of the fall semester.

We visited our final daycare yesterday, which we loved!
Fingers crossed we get in (we are on the waiting list now)!

I have been feeling pretty good still.
Sleeping is becoming more difficult, but not too bad yet.
I am/was definitely a back sleeper, so sleeping
on my side does not  feel great. My hips hurt every time I wake up,
which is about every hour or so (either to roll over or go potty).

The weirdest thing… my belly button.
It totally freaks me out. It’s flat right now,
not the extreme innie I had, but it has not popped out yet either.
It’s just a matter of time.

I was shocked when I saw my picture today,
then looked at my picture from the previous two weeks.
It’s not a wonder I can feel her kicking my ribs now,
she has definitely moved up a lot since my 26 week picture!

She is now the size of a Chinese cabbage!

In other news, my glucose test came back normal,
so no three hour test for me! Wahoo!

Skirt Stress

I’ll be the first to admit that I have been sweating the small stuff.
I’m sorry, I just can’t help it.

A crib skirt? Totally stressing.
I’ve been browsing online,
pinning on Pinterest, and researching other nurseries,
seriously… too far, I know.

But this bare space underneath the crib has just been staring at me,
it’s all I see when I look in the room!

Finally, I decided to just try to make one,
especially when I saw the Young House Love tutorial
that did not require sewing. Score!

I went to Jo-Ann’s today and picked up some hot pink fabric
and some hem tape and went on my way.

I cranked up the music and went to work.

It really was so easy, but I definitely impressed myself!

The best part? It cost me a whole $9.03!

Which means… more money I have to spend at IKEA on Saturday!

By the way, if you don’t have the Jo-Ann’s app, you’re missing out,
I used two 50% off coups today from the app!


Wow, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve updated!

We have had a fun four days as our good friend
Alicia was in visiting from Virginia!

She got in on Wednesday night, and in typical fashion,
came straight to the bar where we have our Nickle Beer nights.

Thursday included a quick trip to Winter Park so I could run some errands,
then we loaded a huge party bus for Greg’s company outing to the
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Yankees game in St. Pete!

There was 12 of us all together and we got to watch the game in the suite!

 On Friday we took a quick tour of a daycare near us,
which we really liked, but it was also very surreal,
I’m pretty sure Alicia was more prepared than us and had more questions than we did.
We are planning to visit another one this week, then hopefully make a decision!

We also went to lunch at Steak & Shake, which was amazing.

She was the happiest person in the world with her strawberry shake.

I have always lived near Steak & Shakes, so it cracks me up how much
people really love that place and don’t get the opportunity to go to them whenever they way!
For example, Steak & Shake was the hit of our wedding weekend
with all of the east-coasters and they had never even been there before!
There may have even been a song made about it… but I digress.

Friday night we ate at Wildsides BBQ in Thorton Park, which is amazing!
Of course, when this group gets together, they must shotgun beers.


Saturday we strolled down Park Ave in Winter Park and had lunch at Eola Wine Company
before seeing Horrible Bosses, which was inappropriate, but hilarious.
The weekend ended with World of Beer (and Jimmy John’s for me!).

It was a fun-filled, yet breezy, weekend, which is exactly what Alicia wanted.

Sorry for the lack of pictures too,
these were the only three I took on my phone the entire time.
I’m seriously slacking! 

26 Weeks!

We are nearing the end of the second trimester,
and, believe me, I will be very sad to see it go.

I’ve been getting bigger by the day and my belly button is starting to change a lot!
It’s so weird!

Baby G is definitely making it known that she’s in there growing.
Starting Monday she has been moving like crazy,
every day… most of the day…
She kicks a lot and we’re beginning to see it on the outside now too.
Again, which is so weird! 

This week she is the size of an English hothouse cucumber,
which I learned today exactly what that was.

Today, I had my glucose test to determine the risk of gestational diabetes,
which was honestly not as bad as I thought it would be.
Let’s just say that I do not do well with needles,
but the awesome tech suggested I lay down, which helped immensely!
I got to drink this orange drink that was basically pure sugar,
then wait an hour to have my blood taken.
Luckily, I had some company thanks to Mr. Greg coming with me!


Fireworks & Sparkler Fun

We captured some awesome pictures this 4th of July holiday,
so I wanted to share how we did it and the settings on our camera!

For sparklers, I used the settings from this link.

I was most concerned that we didn’t have a tripod,
but I just held the camera super still and it worked out fine!

Make sure your camera is in manual mode (M)
Set the f/stop to f5.6
 Set the shutter speed to 4″ (4 seconds)
Set white balance to Tungsten
and make sure everyone writes the letters backwards
(honestly that was the hardest part, haha) 

Since the camera was already set for the sparklers,
we thought we might as well try to shoot the fireworks at the beach.

The only thing we changed was the shutter speed so it was longer,
so you really have to hold the camera super still,
or use a tripod.

Make sure your camera is in manual mode (M)
Set the f/stop to f5.6
 Set the shutter speed to 8″ (8 seconds)
Set white balance to Tungsten

There you have it!

Happy 4th of July from AMI!

We celebrated 4th of July with my family in Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island!

It was a great five days full of relaxing on the beach, eating, drinking,
and playing games.

Not to mention going to bed early and sleeping in!

We were surprised how clear & warm the Gulf of Mexico was!

Awesome food at the Waterfront Restaurant & Sharky’s Steak and Seagrill!

As well as the “World’s Best Ice Cream” at Two Scoops!

I found this fruit pizza on Pinterest and had to make it festive!

This is probably the coolest picture I’ve ever seen.

Lots of fun with sparklers!

Last night on the Pier!

We had an awesome vacation & anniversary!

24 Weeks!

It’s hard to believe that back in March we were trying
to plan a cruise for the 4th of July weekend…
As we looked into it more, we found out that all cruise lines
do not let you set sail if you are 24 weeks pregnant.
Just my luck, right, 24 weeks to the day.
But 24 weeks seemed so far away and here we are already!

I am still feeling pretty good and
have definitely grown quite a bit over the past two weeks.
I actually feel like it happened within a two to three day period,
I literally just “popped out”.
I’ve also realized that this hardening feeling I’ve been having
for the past few weeks is probably Braxton Hicks contractions.
They don’t come often, but it’s sure obvious when they do.

She’s been moving around in there like crazy,
and Greg has been able to feel her kick a few times.
She is as long as an ear of corn which is about a foot!
It’s getting pretty hot here, so that’s not as fun,
but I know it’s going to get worse, so I’m trying
to keep the complaining to a minimum.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend!