Wow, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve updated!

We have had a fun four days as our good friend
Alicia was in visiting from Virginia!

She got in on Wednesday night, and in typical fashion,
came straight to the bar where we have our Nickle Beer nights.

Thursday included a quick trip to Winter Park so I could run some errands,
then we loaded a huge party bus for Greg’s company outing to the
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Yankees game in St. Pete!

There was 12 of us all together and we got to watch the game in the suite!

 On Friday we took a quick tour of a daycare near us,
which we really liked, but it was also very surreal,
I’m pretty sure Alicia was more prepared than us and had more questions than we did.
We are planning to visit another one this week, then hopefully make a decision!

We also went to lunch at Steak & Shake, which was amazing.

She was the happiest person in the world with her strawberry shake.

I have always lived near Steak & Shakes, so it cracks me up how much
people really love that place and don’t get the opportunity to go to them whenever they way!
For example, Steak & Shake was the hit of our wedding weekend
with all of the east-coasters and they had never even been there before!
There may have even been a song made about it… but I digress.

Friday night we ate at Wildsides BBQ in Thorton Park, which is amazing!
Of course, when this group gets together, they must shotgun beers.


Saturday we strolled down Park Ave in Winter Park and had lunch at Eola Wine Company
before seeing Horrible Bosses, which was inappropriate, but hilarious.
The weekend ended with World of Beer (and Jimmy John’s for me!).

It was a fun-filled, yet breezy, weekend, which is exactly what Alicia wanted.

Sorry for the lack of pictures too,
these were the only three I took on my phone the entire time.
I’m seriously slacking!