28 Weeks!

Well here we are… 28 weeks,
the third trimester.
The homestretch.
Wow. Where has the time gone?

I am very sad to see the energy-filled second trimester go,
but we are just one short trimester away from meeting our little girl!

One of my many goals during this process
was to have the nursery complete by the end of my second trimester.
While it’s not fully complete, we have made great headway
and our much anticipated trip to IKEA tomorrow will definitely help too.

I am satisfied with moving the (self-imposed) deadline
back a few weeks to the start of the fall semester.

We visited our final daycare yesterday, which we loved!
Fingers crossed we get in (we are on the waiting list now)!

I have been feeling pretty good still.
Sleeping is becoming more difficult, but not too bad yet.
I am/was definitely a back sleeper, so sleeping
on my side does not  feel great. My hips hurt every time I wake up,
which is about every hour or so (either to roll over or go potty).

The weirdest thing… my belly button.
It totally freaks me out. It’s flat right now,
not the extreme innie I had, but it has not popped out yet either.
It’s just a matter of time.

I was shocked when I saw my picture today,
then looked at my picture from the previous two weeks.
It’s not a wonder I can feel her kicking my ribs now,
she has definitely moved up a lot since my 26 week picture!

She is now the size of a Chinese cabbage!

In other news, my glucose test came back normal,
so no three hour test for me! Wahoo!

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