Office Makeover Part Dos

I must admit, I was satisfied with the current situation in our office
after we spruced it up a bit here.

That was until we finally broke down and bought a printer on Friday,
after not having one for months and months,
when in all honesty, we have been in need of one for months and months.

Turns out, it was a little bigger than what it appeared to be in the store.

So then I started to not be satisfied with the office
because this ginormous printer was taking up half the desk
along with the piles of other stuff that had accumulated.
Greg even commented on how we really need a bigger desk.

So I got to work researching office desks on IKEA,
for our anticipated trip the next day,
but we came to the conclusion that the one I really liked,
the Galant system, was a little out of our price range at this time.

We made a deal that if there was a large(r) desk in the “As Is” section at IKEA
the following day that we’d just see if we could made it work.

Well you could imagine excitement when we walked into
the “As Is” section and there is the white Galant table with A-frame legs!
The description said it was a floor model and there was, what looked like,
pencil marks all over the table top. The pencil marks came right off
and we had ourselves a new desk already assembled in great condition, for a total of $75!!

We purchased the tower holder for Greg’s desktop as well as a cord catcher
to assemble on the desk as well, which brought our total up to just over $100.
I was still thrilled seeing how just the desk brand new was $130
and we still would have needed the other two accessories.

Let me just tell you how much I hate cords.
We have a box of cords that I despise.
Cords that don’t even go to anything.
Don’t worry, Greg knows about this hatred.

But look how great it looks!!
No cords!!
A nice, big desk with lots of room!

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me!
Not to mention we sold our old desk for $50 in less than 12 hours,
so this whole make over cost us just that, about $53!

Finally, the office is complete!

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