30 Weeks!

30 weeks! Three quarters of the way done!
I cannot believe that we only have 10 weeks left!

This little girl is now approximately 15 inches long
and weighs about 3 lbs which is about the weight of a head of cabbage.

I can definitely tell she’s getting bigger because,
well, I’M getting bigger,
and she’s always finding new places to kick and squirm in there.

I feel like every couple weeks I give the same updates,
I’m still feeling pretty good, definitely becoming more uncomfortable
and sleeping is getting more and more difficult.
I think it’s going to continue that way until the very end though.

However, here are some new updates… my belly button STILL has not popped out yet.
It’s still somewhere between an innie and an outie, still pretty gross.
I had my first intense craving this week,
I was dying for Quiznos for lunch on Tuesday… no clue why,
we don’t even eat Quiznos that much. But, I got it and it was delish.
I can no longer wear my wedding rings ::insert pouty face::
My hands don’t look like they are swollen, but I guess they are…
it’s not horrible, just too close to risk it in my opinion.
My feet and ankles are becoming more swollen… joy.

I definitely do not think this picture does any justice to how big I really am.
so take it for what it’s worth!

Keep an eye out for nursery pictures coming very soon!

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