11 thoughts on “The Nursery // Photo Tour

  1. Whoo, whoo! What a chic & sassy baby girl’s room.
    (What does the ‘K’ stand for in the picture?)
    C ya soon,
    Great Aunt SEL

  2. Kendra! I am looking at this for a second time today. This nursery is amazing. You did such a cute job!! I love all the details and organization. I’m sure you’ll be spending many hours in the comfy chair holding your precious daughter. (love the chair) You are so talented!! 🙂

  3. Can I still call you mom even when you have a real baby daughts? You’re nursery is PRECIOUS as are you! I am so excited about that little baby growing in your belly! You will be such an incredible mother to her! So fun! Hope everything is going fabulously. As you are feeling crappy at the end of pregnancy just picture that precious little girl that you are giving all your love and energy and strength too and just focus on the fact that you are doing it all for her, taking care of her and helping her grow and get ready to enter this wonderful world with the most wonderful of parents. xoxo your first daughter 🙂

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