Transforming the EXPEDIT

First of all, thank you all so much for the comments
and kind words about the nursery.
We are so happy with how it turned out!


Our first project in the nursery was the EXPEDIT!

I mentioned here that this was one of my visions and inspirations
for the nursery, but I cannot take any credit for it.
Of course, I’m not crafty enough to think of this myself,
so thanks to Pinterest, I found this blog.


turned into this…

with a little help from…

Updated links:
EXPEDIT Insert with 1 Drawer – No longer available
EXPEDIT Insert with 2 Drawers


Updated link:
CAPITA Leg – 6″

These little guys are located in the kitchen section, by the way,
which is a whole different story in itself.

The added bonus were the light pink knobs from Lowe’s for 96 cents!

Now that we have made this into a dresser,
we are planning to put the changing table pad on top,
which I’m glad we planned on doing, because I don’t think
another piece of furniture could fit in that room if we tried!

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