Baby Shower & Brunch

On Saturday I was able to celebrate baby G with my amazing friends in Florida.

We had a delicious brunch with fruit, sausage cheese balls,
chicken salad, and pumpkin craisin muffins! So good!

We then had to draw a baby with an accessory… easy right?
While the paper is on your head!!

Here is my work of art, baby with a bottle and a hat…
Can you not tell?!

All of the masterpieces, notice that I don’t have any stickers!

Then it was cake time!
How amazing does this cake look?
Homemade by Sally & Lindsey!
It tasted just as good as it looked too!

Yes, this little girl has Missoni. How adorable?!

Her first personalized outfit!

Baby Gaga… How cute?!

Everyone got a cupcake in a jar, which was amazing!

It had such a great day celebrating and hanging out with my girlfriends!

Thank you so much to Sally & Lindsey for throwing such a great shower!

Nursery Sources

We have gotten some questions about some items in the nursery, so here they are!

Green stripes – Wall Pops purchased on Zulily

Paint – Olympic, custom matched to the stripes at Lowe’s

Crib – Delta Venetian Sleigh Lifetime Convertible Crib from Babies R Us

Crib skirt & sheet – Homemade

Shelf – RIBBA from IKEA

Rawr print – Etsy

Hot pink vase – Somrig from IKEA

Side table – Re-purposed, sanded & painted white

Glider & Ottoman – Bella Ivy from Babies R Us

Pillow – Target (on clearance)

Curtains – Xhilaration Ruffled White Window Panel from Target

Keep Calm poster – Etsy

Changing Table/Dresser – Expedit from IKEA

Changing table pad & cover – Babies R Us

Lamps – TJ Maxx

Wall flower decor – Umbra purchased at a boutique

Laundry hamper – TJ Maxx, painted white

 DIY Crayon “K” – Homemade, RIBBA shadow box frame  from IKEA

Bookshelves – BEKVAM spice racks, painted white, from IKEA

There you have it! Enjoy!

36 Weeks!

36 down, 4 to go!
Countdown mode has begun!

I am now going to the doctor weekly and had a good appointment today!
Measuring right on track at 36 weeks!

How I’m feeling:

I don’t even recognize myself when I see my reflection.
It’s weird.

In every way.

Sore. Everywhere.
Ribs mostly.

Swollen. Mostly just my feet & ankles most days.

But honestly, overall, not too bad.


We have gotten a lot done lately, but we still have several items on our to-do list.

Our prenatal education classes are going really well, we’ve been to two so far
and have three more to attend. They are quite interesting and slightly scary.

I think it’s really starting to hit us that we’re actually going to have a child.
So soon.

I will try to give more frequent updates as we countdown the days! 🙂

Holy Sheet!

Let me just start by saying that I’m still a little in shock that I can even write
a blog post about making crib sheets… with a sewing machine…

A few months ago I begged my mom to bring down the sewing machine
that my grandma had given her when she got a new one.
Why? I have no idea, this pregnancy has made me more ambitious I guess.
Well, because she is so awesome, she packed the box in her suitcase and brought it down.
(Thanks mom!)

But, let’s be serious…It sat in our office for a good while
and I didn’t even attempt to touch it.
Until a few weeks ago.
My crafty friend Sally kept telling me how easy it was to make crib sheets.
My thought… of course it is, for someone who has touched a sewing machine before!

Well, I bit the bullet and ordered the most adorable fabric you’ve ever seen
off of Etsy with the back up plan to just bribe Sally to make a sheet for me.

Once the fabric came in I figured it wasn’t a good idea to do a trial run with the good fabric,
knowing that I would botch it up and be upset that I ruined it.
So, I stopped by JoAnn’s and got yet another cute fabric for a whole $5.
If I ruined this one, I’d only be out 5 bucks. That’s fine.

Much to my surprise, I actually created something that resembled a sheet
AND it fit the mattress.

I started out by following this tutorial by Dana Made It.
I had my supplies: 2 yards of fabric and 40 inches of elastic
I cut out my 8″x8″ squares on the four corners and sewed them together creating the pockets.

At this point, I switched over to this YouTube video about sewing elastic.
I took 10″ of elastic and sewed it directly onto the inside of the pocket,
just as she did in the video.

The inside and underneath is by no means as pretty as the first tutorial,
but who is going to look at the underside of the mattress and/or sheet?

Here is the final product!

I realize I should have taken pictures of the entire process,
but of course I didn’t think about it until after I was already done.

The fabric is Alexander Henry 2D Zoo in Holly!

Grandma, aren’t you proud!? 🙂

DIY Crayon Letter

Thanks to Pinterest, I found a fun project for Greg and I!
It’s so easy too!

I found the tutorial here
and modified it ever so slightly.

The first one we made was for baby Lucas in New York
and we were so happy with how it turned out.

diy crayon letter

The shadowbox is from IKEA (Ribba, of course)
Crayons were purchased at Target
The rest we already had… cardstock, sharpie, hot glue gun, exacto knife.
We actually used one of our kitchen knives because it was bigger and easier to use.

It’s so simple, pick out a font that you like and print it out very large.
You can trace it onto the cardstock, but we just used the point of a mechanical pencil
without the lead out and traced around it so you could see the indention on the cardstock.
We lined up all the cut crayons to make sure they fit, then glued them on!
Lastly, write the name with a sharpie and frame it!

Believe me, if we can do it, you can do it!

diy crayon letter

Thanks to the Trendy Treehouse for the tutorial!

Updated: This continues to be a go-to for baby gifts for our friends.
Here are a couple more examples of this fun project!

diy crayon letter

diy crayon letter

Thanks for stopping by!

34 Weeks!

I had to go back and read where we left off,
these last two weeks have been insane.
My 32 week post seems like it was months ago!
But here we are, 34 weeks!

 Baby G is the size of a cantaloupe, weighing about 4 3/4 lbs!

At my 34 week appointment today I actually measured at 34 weeks!!
This is the first time I haven’t measured ahead all pregnancy.
The doc says she is head down, which I believe because I’m starting
to definitely feel it in my lower abdomen.

As I said previously, I’m feeling very pregnant.
Starting to slow down a bit, sore, Braxton Hicks contractions,
tired… and just very large, in general.

My belly button still has not popped yet!
I’m thinking it may not at this point, but we’ll see,
it seems like it’s been on the verge for weeks now!

We are excited to begin our prenatal education courses on Monday,
so maybe we’ll actually know what we’re doing and
what we’re in for in 6 weeks! Ha!

Indiana Baby Shower

** It seems like WordPress is on the fritz, so the same picture is repeating,
if you click on the picture then you’ll see the real one! I’ll probably re-post when it’s fixed! **


On Sunday, we headed home for a baby shower!

After a pretty bad storm on Saturday night that uprooted several trees
and blew the tent on the roof, everything was in place and looked amazing.

Loved the flowers and apples! So pretty!

The cake pops were amazing!

Lisa came in from NYC as a surprise!

Just testing out the headbands on Jack!

MBK and Mandy came by on their way to Chicago!

Tons of thanks to Aunt Sharon, Abbi & Maggi for an amazing shower!
Absolutely prefect! 

We are so blessed!

Eat, Drink and Be Married

We just got back from an amazing long Labor Day weekend in Indiana.
After getting up before the sun on Friday morning,
we made our way to Indianapolis for Celeste & Curt’s wedding weekend!

Friday included the rehearsal at the Mavris in downtown Indy,
followed by a great dinner at Harry & Izzy’s (including St. Elmo’s famous shrimp cocktail)!

Saturday was wedding day! The girls got ready at the Mavris.
It was so nice to have everything in one place on the day of the wedding.

We left for a short bit for pictures down at the Canal in downtown Indy before the ceremony.

The ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception were all beautiful,
just like the bride.

BFFs from all over the country
Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Wisconsin, California

It was such a great two days with my very best friends!

Congratulations Celeste & Curt! Mr. & Mrs. Richardson!

More from our fun weekend to come!