34 Weeks!

I had to go back and read where we left off,
these last two weeks have been insane.
My 32 week post seems like it was months ago!
But here we are, 34 weeks!

 Baby G is the size of a cantaloupe, weighing about 4 3/4 lbs!

At my 34 week appointment today I actually measured at 34 weeks!!
This is the first time I haven’t measured ahead all pregnancy.
The doc says she is head down, which I believe because I’m starting
to definitely feel it in my lower abdomen.

As I said previously, I’m feeling very pregnant.
Starting to slow down a bit, sore, Braxton Hicks contractions,
tired… and just very large, in general.

My belly button still has not popped yet!
I’m thinking it may not at this point, but we’ll see,
it seems like it’s been on the verge for weeks now!

We are excited to begin our prenatal education courses on Monday,
so maybe we’ll actually know what we’re doing and
what we’re in for in 6 weeks! Ha!

2 thoughts on “34 Weeks!

  1. You look great! It doesn’t look like you’ve gained anywhere other than your belly. Sounds like you had a great baby shower. Wish we could’ve been there but Landon is sooo sweet! I think he liked his Nana and Papaw. He wanted to come home with us but Mommy, Daddy, Maddie and Gavin said no. It is going to be so hard on your Mom and Dad every time they have to say bye bye to baby G. Believe me, I know! Love you!

  2. What a cute belly! Are you tempted to draw a funny smiley face on it?!? Really, you are just too cute, Kendra. Love all your postings – great way to let us know how you and Baby G are doing.

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