Holy Sheet!

Let me just start by saying that I’m still a little in shock that I can even write
a blog post about making crib sheets… with a sewing machine…

A few months ago I begged my mom to bring down the sewing machine
that my grandma had given her when she got a new one.
Why? I have no idea, this pregnancy has made me more ambitious I guess.
Well, because she is so awesome, she packed the box in her suitcase and brought it down.
(Thanks mom!)

But, let’s be serious…It sat in our office for a good while
and I didn’t even attempt to touch it.
Until a few weeks ago.
My crafty friend Sally kept telling me how easy it was to make crib sheets.
My thought… of course it is, for someone who has touched a sewing machine before!

Well, I bit the bullet and ordered the most adorable fabric you’ve ever seen
off of Etsy with the back up plan to just bribe Sally to make a sheet for me.

Once the fabric came in I figured it wasn’t a good idea to do a trial run with the good fabric,
knowing that I would botch it up and be upset that I ruined it.
So, I stopped by JoAnn’s and got yet another cute fabric for a whole $5.
If I ruined this one, I’d only be out 5 bucks. That’s fine.

Much to my surprise, I actually created something that resembled a sheet
AND it fit the mattress.

I started out by following this tutorial by Dana Made It.
I had my supplies: 2 yards of fabric and 40 inches of elastic
I cut out my 8″x8″ squares on the four corners and sewed them together creating the pockets.

At this point, I switched over to this YouTube video about sewing elastic.
I took 10″ of elastic and sewed it directly onto the inside of the pocket,
just as she did in the video.

The inside and underneath is by no means as pretty as the first tutorial,
but who is going to look at the underside of the mattress and/or sheet?

Here is the final product!

I realize I should have taken pictures of the entire process,
but of course I didn’t think about it until after I was already done.

The fabric is Alexander Henry 2D Zoo in Holly!

Grandma, aren’t you proud!? 🙂