36 Weeks!

36 down, 4 to go!
Countdown mode has begun!

I am now going to the doctor weekly and had a good appointment today!
Measuring right on track at 36 weeks!

How I’m feeling:

I don’t even recognize myself when I see my reflection.
It’s weird.

In every way.

Sore. Everywhere.
Ribs mostly.

Swollen. Mostly just my feet & ankles most days.

But honestly, overall, not too bad.


We have gotten a lot done lately, but we still have several items on our to-do list.

Our prenatal education classes are going really well, we’ve been to two so far
and have three more to attend. They are quite interesting and slightly scary.

I think it’s really starting to hit us that we’re actually going to have a child.
So soon.

I will try to give more frequent updates as we countdown the days! šŸ™‚

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