I mentioned here that we have been nesting.
I say “we” because Greg has been nesting too, even though he may not admit it.

 Of course, I didn’t take any “before” pictures before
we completely started rearranging our house, as we were waiting for this little girl to get here.
(Still waiting by the way)
So I started looking through some old photos on our external hard drive
for some “before” photos that I may have taken a while ago.
Well, it turns out we have some very old “before” photos, so I thought it may be fun
to show you all how the rooms have transformed since we moved it.

This is our family room when we first looked at the house, it was “staged” by the sellers,
because the house was empty and didn’t have anyone living in it.
December 2007

After we moved in!
February 2008 

This was before we installed the hardwood floors.
I say “we” in this instance, but it was really the work of Greg & Chris.
I mostly supervised the installation process and cleaned up afterwards.
We had made some changes in the decor and added a chair.
Our last photo with carpet!
August 2010 

After the hardwood floors are in! LOVE them!
August 2010

This is pretty much what the room looked like last weekend,
before we randomly decided to make some improvements!

Here is what it looks like now!
October 2011

I want to update our art work & decor to give it more of a modern look,
plus get a rug for the floor, but that doesn’t need to be right now.

I love the new big comfy couch!!

This change sparked some changes in our living room/dining room.

This is the living room/dining room combo when it was staged.
December 2007

This is the actual intention of the room, but of course,
we didn’t use the room for this purpose.
When we first moved in, this room sat empty for a while.

Then, we acquired a ping pong table and that was the focal point of the room.

These are the only pictures I have of our dining room/living room combo,
and we use the term living room/dining room combo very loosely.

Superbowl Sunday
February 2011


However, it actually looks like a room now!!
October 2011

Can you tell we’re waiting on a baby to get here?!

I foresee this area becoming more of a play room area rather than a dining room,
which I am perfectly fine with!