what I do during naps.

Some moms use their time wisely while the baby is sleeping.
Sleep while the baby sleeps.
Take a shower, get out of their pajamas.
Clean the house. Cook dinner.

Not me.

On this particular day, I didn’t get out of my pajamas,
and hadn’t showered in two days (judge away),
but somehow,
thought it’d be a good idea to organize our linen closet.
Priorities here, people. 

Clearly, it needed to be organized.

I proceeded to pull everything out of the closet
and started bagging up what we didn’t need for Goodwill,
which was majority of the crap in this closet.
Mind you, our master bath linens aren’t even stored in the linen closet.

During this time, someone woke up from their nap,
so project linen closet was put on hold.
I only can only work on a project in 2-3 hours increments.
Of course, Greg got home during this time and everything from the linen closet
was on the floor in the hallway…. and I was still in my PJs, looking lovely.
I can’t imagine what was going through his head. 

Later that night, I was able to resume project linen closet and clean up my mess.

Alas, a neat and organized linen closet that holds ALL of our linens!
What a concept! 

Which leaves us with three garbage bags and one pillow for Goodwill
full of old towels, blankets, and sheets of all sizes.
Full size sheets… we don’t even have a full size bed!

I now have peace of mind knowing that my linen closet is organized
and that’s worth more than a shower, in my opinion!

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