Seven Weeks!

Our serious little girl is starting to develop a little personality!
We started to see a smile here and there this past week
and Greg has gotten her to laugh a couple times!
(Of course, she doesn’t do this for mommy all day long…
such a little daddy’s girl already).

We had a GREAT weekend with one of my bffs Celeste!
She was in South Florida for work
and was nice enough to make the trip to Orlando for the weekend.
It was SO nice to see her and have her meet Kenley.

Sunday night marked the first night in her own room!
She did awesome & we have all slept so much better with her in there!

Kenley and I are beginning to go out more and more, which is so nice.
I went in for my 6 week check-up this past week (which I will update you on later),
and we popped over to see Jessica & baby Benjamin, who is just 3 weeks old and so sweet.
We also celebrated Michelle & baby Jenkinson who is due to arrive late January!
Kenley already has little baby friends here in Orlando, which is awesome!

We have had a couple family outings, the first to a cookie exchange party!
I made no-bake cookies (one of my favorites) and tried out mint chocolate chip cookies!

[Taken via Instagram]

We also went to Greg’s company holiday party last night, which was fun!
Kenley did so well and was wide awake for most of the party!
She’s such a night owl!

Look at that little smile! 🙂