what I do during naps. part two.

I wish I could tell you that choosing a random project over a shower only happened once.
But, I can’t.

Next up was the laundry room,
and after you see how bad it was, you’ll know why.
I almost don’t want to show you, it’s embarrassing!

I honestly don’t know how it got this bad.
It just became a collection of random things that didn’t have anywhere else to go.
Towels, coats, dirty clothes, clean clothes, paint supplies, everything.

So I proceeded to pull it all out with no plan of action whatsoever.
It all ended up in our dining room area and stayed there for a day or so.

I have been looking for organization ideas on Pinterest,
especially for laundry rooms and got an idea for a “counter” on the washer/dryer
from Young House Love (seriously, where do they come up with these great ideas?!).

Luckily, we already had plywood and white paint, so Greg whipped us up a counter!

He had to use a jig saw (thanks Chris) to cut around the hoses so it would be flush against the wall.

I already love having the room on top to fold clothes and the space to “lay flat to dry”.

Now, if only I could remember to take my reusable bags when I go grocery shopping!

4 thoughts on “what I do during naps. part two.

  1. Hi well here I am again! But I just had to ask…..did you ever take a shower? lol Actually that is a very clever idea. You amaze me!

  2. Your ‘before’ pictures sure look a whole lot better than my ‘after’.

    One person’s ‘clutter’ is another person’s ‘organized.’ You are amazing!
    Have you considered becoming a professional organizer?

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