Florida Christmas [Part I]

We survived our first road trip and first weekend away!

Let’s rewind. Last week, I tried to pack up everything we owned,
and settled for packing up half of everything we owned
and we headed down to Greg’s mom’s house for Kenley’s first Christmas celebration.

We were so happy that the other Gilbertson’s decided to make the long trip from Colorado
to celebrate Christmas early, allowing Kenley to meet her aunt Alanna & uncle Andy,
and her cousins, Addy, Drew and Cullen!
This was the third straight year of celebrating in Florida but the first with four grandchildren!

The kids were pumped to swim in the pool, ride on the boat, and fish off the dock.
I mean, seriously, where else can you celebrate Christmas, in December, and do all those things?
And you people wonder why we live in Florida!

The weather was great! Warm enough during the day, but a little chilly at night.
I, of course, had on my hoodie and Uggs, while they all had on their shorts and flip flops.
That’s how we roll in the “winter” here.

Lots more pictures & stories to come!