Florida Christmas [Part II]

When I was little, one of my favorite Christmas traditions was when we
all piled in the car to drive around our subdivision and look at the Christmas lights.
We called it driving through “Candyland” and always had the Christmas music cranked up.

While celebrating Florida Christmas, we have made our own tradition
by bundling up and driving the boat around the canal to look at all the Christmas lights.
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do.

This was also Kenley’s first boat ride!
Fear not people, we do not go fast, nor do we go far.
All were safe. 

We saw some awesome Christmas lights!

Then it’s time for presents & Christmas dinner!

Kenley is Auntie Alanna’s only niece and Addy’s only girl cousin!

More pictures to come!

One thought on “Florida Christmas [Part II]

  1. Love all of your pictures and the Christmas lights were awesome! Where were they taken? Do you live on a canal or is that at Greg’s brother’s? My neighbor lives in Cape Coral all winter snd she is on a canal. Once when Sam and I and all the Lower kids were in Ft. Lauderdale we all took a canal boat ride and saw all the beautiful lights and homes. Florida is fast becoming my favorite place to be! See you soon!

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