a pinterest christmas – DIY ice cream sundae kit

My cousin Misha started the series a pinterest christmas,
so I wanted to join the fun!

We have these really awesome neighbors who graciously
sold us their baby swing for 20 buck-a-roos at their yard sale
four days before Kenley was born.
If it weren’t for them, we would never have known how awesome baby swings are.
Seriously, if you’re going to have a baby, get a swing.

Well, I have been really stressing about what I could give them for Christmas.
Nothing too big, but just something nice. I mean, who doesn’t like a nice,
little gift that shows someone is thinking about you?

I found this pin today and immediately got to work.
What a perfect gift for a family with kiddos!

{ The original Pinterest link: cute neighbor gift }

I got my supplies from JoAnn’s and Target.
Red tissue paper
Clear “goodie bags”
Sparkley red and green ribbon
Christmas M&M’s
Mini chocolate chips
Gummy bears
Hot fudge ice cream topping
Strawberry ice cream topping 
Ice cream sprinkles (or jimmies, whatever you call them)
Cookies ‘n’ creme ice cream toppings
Sugar cones 

This really could not be any easier,
the hardest part was actually getting out of the house to get the supplies.

I wanted to make sure the amount of toppings were relatively the same in each bag.

Then I tied them up!

Once I was done, I filled up the basket and put the card in there!

Now they can enjoy a family ‘build your own ice cream sundae’ night on us!
They will just need to supply the ice cream.

4 thoughts on “a pinterest christmas – DIY ice cream sundae kit

  1. Yay! I am so glad that you joined a Pinterest Christmas! Maybe next year we can plan on doing projects and linking up our blog posts or something.

    I love this little basket for ice cream sundaes. What a cute idea!

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