Indiana Christmas [Part II]

The day after Christmas we were able to meet the other side of my fam!
Lower Christmas!

Not all of my cousins were there, unfortunately, but we were able to meet most of them!

There were other babies there that we got to meet too!

Jack just turned one!! He is a little 1 lb. 10 oz. miracle baby!
We were able to visit Jack in the NICU last Christmas when we were home just days after he was born.
He has come a long way!
You can read about his journey here and follow the Pena family here!

Landon is just a couple months older than Kenley!
We were so excited to see David & Jodi and fam who were in from North Carolina!

We got to meet Frankie too, who is 9 months old!
Look at that hair!!

Here are all the great grandchildren who were there!
Yes, we got them all in one place at the same time!
A true Christmas miracle. 

Kenley (2 months), Maddie (5), Kendrick (4), Jack (1), Teddy (4), Frankie (9 months), Gavin (5), Landon (4 months)

The mamas and the babies!

 Marge & I
Here is a good shot of the hair on the back of Kenley’s head!

We had a great time visiting with the fam and having everyone meet Kenley!