Florida Christmas [Part III]

This was the second year that we were able to schedule
Florida Christmas around the boat parade!
Grammy has her annual boat parade party with all of her friends
and it turns out to be a fun night to watch all the Christmas lights go by!

Unfortunately, Kenley missed the boat parade.
She was sound asleep in the Ergo majority of the party.

We had such a great weekend celebrating Christmas,
hanging out with the family,
swimming, boating, tubing, fishing,
looking at the Christmas lights,
and watching the boat parade.

We can’t wait to see the other Gilbertson’s and Grammy again soon!

Florida Christmas [Part II]

When I was little, one of my favorite Christmas traditions was when we
all piled in the car to drive around our subdivision and look at the Christmas lights.
We called it driving through “Candyland” and always had the Christmas music cranked up.

While celebrating Florida Christmas, we have made our own tradition
by bundling up and driving the boat around the canal to look at all the Christmas lights.
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do.

This was also Kenley’s first boat ride!
Fear not people, we do not go fast, nor do we go far.
All were safe. 

We saw some awesome Christmas lights!

Then it’s time for presents & Christmas dinner!

Kenley is Auntie Alanna’s only niece and Addy’s only girl cousin!

More pictures to come!

Florida Christmas [Part I]

We survived our first road trip and first weekend away!

Let’s rewind. Last week, I tried to pack up everything we owned,
and settled for packing up half of everything we owned
and we headed down to Greg’s mom’s house for Kenley’s first Christmas celebration.

We were so happy that the other Gilbertson’s decided to make the long trip from Colorado
to celebrate Christmas early, allowing Kenley to meet her aunt Alanna & uncle Andy,
and her cousins, Addy, Drew and Cullen!
This was the third straight year of celebrating in Florida but the first with four grandchildren!

The kids were pumped to swim in the pool, ride on the boat, and fish off the dock.
I mean, seriously, where else can you celebrate Christmas, in December, and do all those things?
And you people wonder why we live in Florida!

The weather was great! Warm enough during the day, but a little chilly at night.
I, of course, had on my hoodie and Uggs, while they all had on their shorts and flip flops.
That’s how we roll in the “winter” here.

Lots more pictures & stories to come!

what I do during naps. part two.

I wish I could tell you that choosing a random project over a shower only happened once.
But, I can’t.

Next up was the laundry room,
and after you see how bad it was, you’ll know why.
I almost don’t want to show you, it’s embarrassing!

I honestly don’t know how it got this bad.
It just became a collection of random things that didn’t have anywhere else to go.
Towels, coats, dirty clothes, clean clothes, paint supplies, everything.

So I proceeded to pull it all out with no plan of action whatsoever.
It all ended up in our dining room area and stayed there for a day or so.

I have been looking for organization ideas on Pinterest,
especially for laundry rooms and got an idea for a “counter” on the washer/dryer
from Young House Love (seriously, where do they come up with these great ideas?!).

Luckily, we already had plywood and white paint, so Greg whipped us up a counter!

He had to use a jig saw (thanks Chris) to cut around the hoses so it would be flush against the wall.

I already love having the room on top to fold clothes and the space to “lay flat to dry”.

Now, if only I could remember to take my reusable bags when I go grocery shopping!

Seven Weeks!

Our serious little girl is starting to develop a little personality!
We started to see a smile here and there this past week
and Greg has gotten her to laugh a couple times!
(Of course, she doesn’t do this for mommy all day long…
such a little daddy’s girl already).

We had a GREAT weekend with one of my bffs Celeste!
She was in South Florida for work
and was nice enough to make the trip to Orlando for the weekend.
It was SO nice to see her and have her meet Kenley.

Sunday night marked the first night in her own room!
She did awesome & we have all slept so much better with her in there!

Kenley and I are beginning to go out more and more, which is so nice.
I went in for my 6 week check-up this past week (which I will update you on later),
and we popped over to see Jessica & baby Benjamin, who is just 3 weeks old and so sweet.
We also celebrated Michelle & baby Jenkinson who is due to arrive late January!
Kenley already has little baby friends here in Orlando, which is awesome!

We have had a couple family outings, the first to a cookie exchange party!
I made no-bake cookies (one of my favorites) and tried out mint chocolate chip cookies!

[Taken via Instagram]

We also went to Greg’s company holiday party last night, which was fun!
Kenley did so well and was wide awake for most of the party!
She’s such a night owl!

Look at that little smile! 🙂

what I do during naps.

Some moms use their time wisely while the baby is sleeping.
Sleep while the baby sleeps.
Take a shower, get out of their pajamas.
Clean the house. Cook dinner.

Not me.

On this particular day, I didn’t get out of my pajamas,
and hadn’t showered in two days (judge away),
but somehow,
thought it’d be a good idea to organize our linen closet.
Priorities here, people. 

Clearly, it needed to be organized.

I proceeded to pull everything out of the closet
and started bagging up what we didn’t need for Goodwill,
which was majority of the crap in this closet.
Mind you, our master bath linens aren’t even stored in the linen closet.

During this time, someone woke up from their nap,
so project linen closet was put on hold.
I only can only work on a project in 2-3 hours increments.
Of course, Greg got home during this time and everything from the linen closet
was on the floor in the hallway…. and I was still in my PJs, looking lovely.
I can’t imagine what was going through his head. 

Later that night, I was able to resume project linen closet and clean up my mess.

Alas, a neat and organized linen closet that holds ALL of our linens!
What a concept! 

Which leaves us with three garbage bags and one pillow for Goodwill
full of old towels, blankets, and sheets of all sizes.
Full size sheets… we don’t even have a full size bed!

I now have peace of mind knowing that my linen closet is organized
and that’s worth more than a shower, in my opinion!