my weekend in photos

alicia stayed to play after her conference on friday night

miss kenley was excited about that

we strolled up and down park ave on saturday morning

the weather was heavenly

may be my new fave

meeting miss kyler for the first time! just three days old.

cannot believe what a difference three months makes!
it’s hard to believe kenley this small.

food truck bazaar

nap time

mexican coke made with real sugar…calorie free of course. ha.

Fourteen Weeks!

Week fourteen has been dedicated to quitting the swaddle.
We were fully addicted.
Kenley didn’t hate it and she was sleeping so well.
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?
So we spent a week [or more] researching, reading, and discussing when and how we should quit it
and decided to just quit cold turkey on Friday night.
It had to be a weekend night just in case we didn’t get any sleep.

The first two nights were flawless. Awesome.
Since, we’ve been up a few times each night consoling her back to sleep
because she was woken up one way or another and hasn’t quite figured out her self soothing mechanism.
We’ve swapped one vice for another. Now that she’s really loving her tootie,
we can give it to her and majority of the time, she’s back asleep.
Other times do require some rocking or shhh-ing.
It’s still a work in progress, but we’ve officially retired the swaddle.
(Even though it crossed my mind last night after the second or third time up
to just put her back in it “just for tonight”… but I resisted, thankfully).

She can’t get herself back to sleep at night, but she sure can fall asleep while playing with her toys.

Pay no attention to her lovely outfit. She had a little accident at school apparently.

Sleepy girl.

Cloth Diapers? What?!

This is usually the reaction we get when we tell people that Kenley is cloth diapered.
And to be honest, it was Greg’s initial reaction, too, when I told him I wanted to do it.
Thankfully, our friends, Sally & Nathan had cloth diapered their little one,
which gave us someone to ask questions and see first hand how it all goes down.

For most people, when we say cloth diapers, they think of the old fashioned
cloth diapers with the large safety pins that hold them together.
Honestly, I would have too, but believe me, there are no safety pins,
that would have been a deal breaker for us.
All of our diapers have either velcro or snap closures, so they are super easy to put on.

The number one reason that we decided to cloth diaper was to save money. That’s how I sold Greg on the idea.
We crunched some numbers and that was the end of the discussion.
We talked about this towards the beginning of our pregnancy, so we had the opportunity
to register for majority of the items we needed and search for good deals.
One of the cons of cloth diapering (some say) is the cost up front.
Yes, you do have to get majority of your diapers and supplies before you start the process,
but after that, you’re set… even for your future children down that road!
The fact that they are adorable is an added bonus.

We started Kenley in disposables because (1) we had no idea what we were doing as parents
and (2) the cloth diapers we have are for babies at least 8 pounds, so they were too big for her at first.
We made the switch over to cloth when she was three weeks and close to 9 pounds.
We already had majority of our diapers & accessories, so we were set.
Even if you don’t have all the items when your little one is that young,
I don’t see any reason that you wouldn’t be able to make the switch later on.

There are a lot of different cloth diaper systems and many different brands
and we are by no means experts on any of them, but I can share what we use and why we like them.
Our favorite diapers are the BumGenius One-Size Stay-Dry cloth diapers.
They grow with her by adjusting the snaps (up to 35 lbs!).
These come with inserts that you stuff inside the cover.
We usually add an extra insert for the night time diapers since she is in them for longer.
Like I said, they are super easy to put on, very soft, and easy to stuff.

There are several accessories that we cannot live without and wouldn’t want to!
First and foremost…the BumGenius Diaper Sprayer.
You know that little thing called poop? Well this takes care of it!
It attaches to our toilet and we just spray off the poopy diapers.
Which I’m sure brings me to another one of your questions,
no poop enters the washer at any time, thanks to this bad boy.
While the diaper sprayer is awesome, I’m not going to say it doesn’t get messy or gross sometimes.
Poop is gross. You know that, I know that.
We just deal with it, wash our hands, and move on.

So here is how it works in our household.
The dirty diaper goes straight to the bathroom,
the wet ones go straight into the pail, insert and cover separate;
the dirty ones get sprayed off with the diaper sprayer and then go into the pail.
Our pail is just a regular trash can with a lid lined with a Planet Wise Pail Liner.
We have two liners so when one is in the wash, the other is in the pail.
The pail, nor the bathroom, smell like dirty diapers at all.

Then it’s time to wash. We wash the diapers every other day, well, night, now that I’m back at work.
The entire pail liner goes from the bathroom straight to the washer.
We’ve got it down to a science now that if you dump the diapers into the washer
using the bottom of the pail liner then you don’t ever touch the dirty diapers.
The pail liner goes right into the wash with all the diapers and wipes.
We use cheap wash cloths with a spray bottle of water for wipes.
It’s so much better for her bum and so much easier to toss the wipes and the diapers into the same pail.
For detergent, we use the Rockin’ Green detergent, as well as a homemade concoction we found here.
After the wash is complete, we dry the liners and hang dry the covers.

Daycare, traveling, and just general out-and-about days do require a little extra planning & packing.
When we don’t have access to the diaper sprayer, we use the Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liners.
These go between her bum and the diaper to catch any of the poop,
they go right into the toilet and get flushed, eliminating the need to spray off the diaper.
They were great when we traveled for Christmas in December.
When we’re out and about, we just pack up the diaper bag with extra diapers and the wet bag.
All dirty diapers go in the wet bag and get sprayed off when we get back home!
Same with daycare, we pack up her diapers & wet bag each day and the dirty diapers get sent home with her each night.

There are a lot of pros to using cloth diapers (cost efficient, less waste, no blowouts, cuteness),
but we completely understand that cloth diapering is not for everyone.
In no way are we judging those who do not cloth diaper.
It is a little more work than just tossing a dirty diaper in the trash,
but it works for us and we are completely obsessed!
We are always open to trying new brands and systems and I love getting new cute patterns,
so if you have other suggestions, let us know!!
If you have any other questions that I didn’t answer, let me know and I’ll be sure to do so.
If you’re thinking about cloth diapering, check out Cottonbabies Cloth Diaper 101, it’s a great place to start!

my weekend in photos

morning coffee made on our new toy

sale + gift card = happiness

stripes must be in this spring

thank goodness for lifetime warranties. i’ve somehow cracked two tervis tumblers.
love my new one.

i swear she does smile.

in bed before midnight both nights.

enthralled in the football game.

 what did you do this weekend?
did your team win? 

Three Months!

Kenley is three whole months old!

She has been changing a lot recently.
She’s really starting to like her tootie (aka pacifier) more and is doing a much better job at keeping it in her mouth.
She loves playing on her play mat. I can put her on it and she will just bat at her toys, play, and smile.
She loves her little octopus which we recently found out makes noise!!
I think Greg and I were way more excited about this than she was.
She also loves being nakey baby and really enjoys the bath.
She doesn’t really love tummy time, but she’s doing a good job of holding her head up.
She is quite the little chatter box too. Talking, cooing, and making all sorts of noises.

Since we’ve started daycare, she really is developing a schedule of her own.
She’s not taking long naps during the day, probably because there is so much going on,
so by 7 or 8pm each night, she is exhausted and ready for bed.
She’s also been sleeping until 6 or 7am (most nights), which is SO nice!
She’s eating about every three hours during the day and can go most nights without feeding.

She is fully into 3-6 months clothes in most brands and is pushing the 6 months clothes in Carter’s.
I’m so glad that another mom told me that Carter’s clothes are sized a tad different when I was pregnant.
If it’s 3 months, they should be able to wear it UP TO 3 months.
In my opinion, that’ s so different than saying 0-3 months….but maybe that’s just me.
So any new or soon-to-be moms… take note!

She is still fully cloth diapered and we are completely obsessed!
Expect a long post about that soon.

We have met so many new people since our last monthly update.
We celebrated Christmas in Indiana (you can read about it here and here)
and rang in the new year here in Orlando where it was in the 70s and sunny.

Cameron & Kenley with their grandmas!

Zeta aunts Meghann & Katie

Stacy, Luanne and Hailey at Disney!

Sweet baby Ben came to play!

Zeta aunt Mandy came to visit!

Are baby jeggings not the cutest think you’ve ever seen?
Thanks Auntie Lisa for keeping her so stylish!

DIY Chalkboard Wine Bottles…Finally!

Once upon a time, I had all these dreams and aspirations
to join in on Misha’s Pinterest Christmas
I got through a grand total of …er…ONE project.
You can check it out here.

The problem, I still have all these ideas… and supplies.
The solution, start crafting!

I’ve had these wine bottles sitting in my kitchen for a good while now.
So long that Greg has asked twice what they are for…
like, enough time had elapsed between the first time and the second time for him to forget.

They were originally on the counter because I was going to do this project
any day now…
But then I went to JoAnn’s and they were out of chalkboard spray paint.
So I compromised with the hubs and moved the empty bottles to the pantry.
But of course, I forgot about them… out of sight, out of mind, right?

Anywho, while in the spray paint aisle at Walmart, for work,
I spotted my chalkboard paint and remembered I have a serious project to work on!
So, here we are!

Original pin via

My original idea was to write peace love and joy on the bottles (for the holidays)
so I only had three wine bottles, but then I remembered I had
this SkinnyGirl marg bottle, so I threw that in there too.

Like I said, I got the spray paint at Walmart, but I have seen it at JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby.

You’ll see the difference between the glass bottles and the frosted bottle.
They both look cool and I like that they are different.
Don’t look too closely though, some of the paint did run down the bottle.

DIY chalkboard wine bottles

So instead of Christmas decor, I’ll use them for Valentine’s Day!

Twelve Weeks!

Little miss Kenley is twelve weeks old today!
She is seriously getting bigger and bigger every day.
Maybe it’s because we don’t see her all day every day,
but I swear she looks different from when we leave her in the morning
and when we pick her up at night.

Speaking of, week two of work/daycare has been going
considerably better than week one.
At least for me.
I don’t think Kenley really cares that she’s in daycare all day.
The teachers say she is very good for them,
which makes it so much easier on us knowing she’s not screaming her head off.
Excuse me while I knock on wood.

She’s been doing really well with taking bottles during the day
and we’ve noticed she’s been spitting up less,
so that’s a good thing too.
Until this morning at least, but that’s a whole different story,
and required me to put in a load of laundry before work.
Talk about multi-tasking!

Getting Kenley to go to sleep, either for a nap or for the night,
usually requires a lot of rocking, sshh-ing, or swinging.
So you can imagine my surprise when I looked over tonight
at the play mat and saw this…

Passed. out. cold.
Daycare really is taking a lot out of her.