Three Months!

Kenley is three whole months old!

She has been changing a lot recently.
She’s really starting to like her tootie (aka pacifier) more and is doing a much better job at keeping it in her mouth.
She loves playing on her play mat. I can put her on it and she will just bat at her toys, play, and smile.
She loves her little octopus which we recently found out makes noise!!
I think Greg and I were way more excited about this than she was.
She also loves being nakey baby and really enjoys the bath.
She doesn’t really love tummy time, but she’s doing a good job of holding her head up.
She is quite the little chatter box too. Talking, cooing, and making all sorts of noises.

Since we’ve started daycare, she really is developing a schedule of her own.
She’s not taking long naps during the day, probably because there is so much going on,
so by 7 or 8pm each night, she is exhausted and ready for bed.
She’s also been sleeping until 6 or 7am (most nights), which is SO nice!
She’s eating about every three hours during the day and can go most nights without feeding.

She is fully into 3-6 months clothes in most brands and is pushing the 6 months clothes in Carter’s.
I’m so glad that another mom told me that Carter’s clothes are sized a tad different when I was pregnant.
If it’s 3 months, they should be able to wear it UP TO 3 months.
In my opinion, that’ s so different than saying 0-3 months….but maybe that’s just me.
So any new or soon-to-be moms… take note!

She is still fully cloth diapered and we are completely obsessed!
Expect a long post about that soon.

We have met so many new people since our last monthly update.
We celebrated Christmas in Indiana (you can read about it here and here)
and rang in the new year here in Orlando where it was in the 70s and sunny.

Cameron & Kenley with their grandmas!

Zeta aunts Meghann & Katie

Stacy, Luanne and Hailey at Disney!

Sweet baby Ben came to play!

Zeta aunt Mandy came to visit!

Are baby jeggings not the cutest think you’ve ever seen?
Thanks Auntie Lisa for keeping her so stylish!

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