Fifteen Weeks!

We have an entirely different baby this week!
Over the weekend we noticed that our oh so serious little girl
is now smiling and laughing so much more!

We love it!

She’s talking, cooing, making all sorts of noises, and is much more alert.
She rolled over!!
She has been so close for the past week or so, getting about 3/4 the way over.

Unfortunately, it was the one night I had to work late, so I missed it!!
But, she has done it since, so I have got to witness it.

I mentioned that we got to meet sweet baby Kyler over the weekend
and I cannot stop looking at this picture.
This gives you an idea of how much she has grown over the past three months.
Kyler was right around eight pounds when she came home from the hospital
and it’s so hard for me to believe that Kenley was ever this tiny!

It’s going to be so fun to watch these two grow and play together.

Sorry for the picture quality too, I’ve been rocking the iPhoneography a little too much lately.
Note to self, pack the good camera more!

Here is little miss smiling at her daddy.

We are excited for a fun weekend ahead and watching all the Superbowl festivities in Indy!

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