DIY Ribbon Wreath

I was drawn to this pin by the pink and green (obviously) and have been eyeing for a while.
When it came time to actually commit to doing a Pinterest project, I searched for the original link.
I could not find it anywhere, so I really didn’t know where to begin with this.

Updated: The original link is from Etsy!

[via Etsy]

I decided to wing it.
I started by getting one spool of ribbon in six different patterns.
Plus a wire wreath.
I got all of this at JoAnn’s.

I cut the ribbon in strips about 5-6 inches long.
The thicker ribbon needed to be a little longer to tie easier.
Then, I just tied the ribbon onto the wreath.

Those six spools of ribbon got me, oh…this far.

So, I went out and got some more ribbon.
Of course, they were out of some of the patterns I had already purchased, but I made do.

I got back to work, cutting, and tying.
I quickly learned that I could spread the ribbon out a little more than I had done initially.
So I ended up moving some of the ribbon from the first go around.

diy ribbon wreath

The thicker ribbon does take up more room, which is nice.
I had a couple spools left over, so I ended up using about 20 spools. Yikes!
I probably could have still spread it out even more in order to use less.

I already had a white “K” but I thought it’d be fun to spice it up a bit.

I spaced the tape out the width of a ruler, but you could do the stripes however you’d like.
I had the grand idea of doing chevron stripes, but that was a battle I knew I couldn’t win.
So straight stripes won out.

The pink spray paint is from Lowe’s.
And I’m already on the hunt for more things to spray paint. I love the color!

I hung the finished “K” with dental floss after Target didn’t have fishing line.
It worked perfectly!

diy ribbon wreath

This whole project took me about two weeks.
I would sit and tie ribbon whenever I had some free time.
However, it was not as cheap as I would have liked.
I would recommend stocking up on ribbon in advance that you find on sale
and/or use lots of coupons!

I did look on Etsy for similar wreaths and they were more than what I spent, even before shipping.
In my eyes, that’s a win!

diy ribbon wreath

Overall, I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

19 thoughts on “DIY Ribbon Wreath

  1. Thanks for the instructions I love this one . It looks pretty easy to make but your right it would be costly I am going to stock up on ribbon now . : )

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  3. I followed your directions and the those strips are not 5 to 6 inches long more like 8 to 10 so I cut all my strips not to mention had to go back to the store and cut the strips right!..ribbon is not cheap I might add!

    • Hi Tracy – I did not use wire ribbon and I don’t remember how long my spools were, but if you have the choice to get a longer spool, do it! I had to go back for more ribbon because I underestimated how much it would take.

      • Kendra – thanks for your help! My wreath turned out great and got rave reviews!! I wish I could send you a pic. Just for reference, I used a 18″ wreath and a ~70yd of ribbon. I might could have used a little less, but I got it on Etsy for a great price.

        Thanks again!!

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