Four Months!

I don’t know how it’s possible, but we have a four month old.
I swear it was just yesterday that I was pregnant.
And of course, of all days, three different people stopped us in Target & Publix,
to tell us how much we need to enjoy our time now and how fast it all goes.

We had her four month check up and shots last week.
I must be really good at scheduling her appointments…right during what should be meal time
because we had another delightful visit at the doctor.
Despite the hunger cries, she did very well with her shots.

She weighed in at 13 lbs. 14 oz. which puts her in the 60th percentile
and is 25 1/8 in. tall in the 85th percentile.
She’s healthy, and not starving, by any means.

She is in all 3-6 months and 6 months clothes now.

She has been quite the happy baby recently and it’s been so fun.
Greg has got her to laugh a couple of times this past week so we are looking forward to more of that soon.

She drools all the time and has been blowing spit bubbles like crazy!

Everything goes straight to her mouth.
No signs of any teeth yet.

She loves grabbing things, especially when she is tired.
She holds her blankets and animals and rubs them against her face, while she sucks on her tootie.

 We’ve been practicing sitting up in the Bumbo daily
and she can sit up if she’s leaning against something for a short time.
She is getting so big and is changing every single day.
It’s so fun watching her learn new things!