my weekend in photos

it was a crazy weekend in our household. 

friday night, greg worked, so i hung out with little miss.

saturday, i worked, so greg hung out with little miss.

saturday night, we celebrated ryan’s birthday. kenley hanging out with her bud amy.

we ate some steamed oysters… yum!

kenley was down to party. she slept for a few hours.

then was awake for another hour or so, smiling away.
we thought it was going to be a disaster night, sleeping wise, but she slept great when we got home!

i failed at life and forgot my good camera, so i didn’t even get a pic of the birthday boy.
sorry bud.

sunday i crafted…

because we celebrated 4 months!

had ourselves some delicious lunch

walked 4.3 miles in the beautiful weather we had.

got to dry the diapers outside today…i get overly excited when i get do to this.

how was your weekend? did you get a long weekend?
happy president’s day!

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