Nineteen Weeks :: back on track

Since our last weekly update it definitely got worse before it got better.
Kenley was home sick on Wednesday and Thursday, but back to school on Friday.
However, over the weekend, we were completely off our game.
Saturday she refused to nap, was up late, and up often throughout the night.
Sunday we all slept late, missed church, and didn’t get as much done as we would have liked.

Luckily, since then, we’ve gotten back on track, for the most part.
We only have a couple more days of antibiotics (woo hoo) and she has been sleeping better at night.
:: knocking on wood as I type this ::

She is getting back to her normal activities.
Eating, sleeping, pooping, grabbing at things, immediately putting them in her mouth, and smiling.
Oh, and let’s not forget drooling.

Forget cute outfits, we are now in the market for cute bibs!
It is her newest staple accessory. She goes through several throughout the day.

The weather has been great here, so we’ve been taking long walks.
Kenley loves them! And so do we!
If she’s getting fussy in the evening, we stick her in the stroller, get out, and get some fresh air.
By the time we get back home, it’s usually time to start our bedtime routine.
It’s a great way for all of us to spend time together
and a great way to get back into an exercise routine (which I’ll be posting an update on next week…hopefully!).

Oh, and I’ve been asked a few times what happened with switching schools.
When we were visiting daycare facilities, we fell in love with Kenley’s current school
but were placed on the waiting list, like forever ago. We knew that we would eventually end up there,
but thought it wouldn’t be until the summer since they are on the normal school schedule.
To our surprise, we got the call last month saying there was an opening and we were next on the list!
We were sad to leave the first place, but couldn’t be happier where we are now!
Thankfully, there were no incidents that led to us changing, which I should have mentioned!

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